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Formal Request of the Galactic Underworld (IC)

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Formal Request of the Galactic Underworld (IC)

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08.04.2013 , 12:19 PM | #121
The Installation - Power Substation

Still carrying Q's body, Zero walked over to the power room door where she had left Mean, only to find him gone, with a holocom sitting where he had been. "Damn it!" Zero cursed as she saw it. She set Q down and walked over to the holocom. Checking it, she saw that there was a message recorded on it. She hit the play button.

"You stupid, stupid, traitorous *****. You have no idea how much I want to kill you right you. No... no... killing you would be too quick. Maybe slowly flay you alive. But... much as I want to kill you, I know that I really can't blame you. I mean, it would be like blaming a bantha for taking a **** in the middle of a room. It's just what they do. After all, we both know that you have never had a single thought in your life that wasn't related to your damn job. So, you ain't the one I need to blame. It's the guy at the other end of your holo that I need to speak with. So, you call whoever wants me so badly, and you give them the number registered in the holocom you now hold. They have 2 hours to respond, or I smash the holocom and walk away from all this ****. Clock's ticking."

The message ended. Zero sighed. "Damn it, Mean. If you can just given me a chance to talk to you..." She picked Q back up and continued walking to her ship.

************************************************** **************
The Deathbaron

Zero walked into her ship and staggered into the medbay, dropping Q's body on one of the tables. She then walked to the cockpit and started up her ship, lifting off from the station. Okay, first things first. That man who called for Mean earlier... he needs to be informed of recent events. Zero pulled out her holocom and found the frequency he called from earlier, and called it.

"Status report, Agent." The man looked up, establish eye contact for a brief moment before returning his attention to something out of his transmitter's field of view.

"Yes, sir. I have discovered that the target is not, in fact, in a Republic prison as originally suspected, and probably never was. I discovered him working for the man I have been hunting for Imperial Intelligence, Arthen Kole. I attempted to drug him so I could take him back to my ship when the mission was complete, but the drugs had apparently worn off by the time I got back, as he was gone. He did leave a message stating that he wanted to speak to the people who had told me to go after him, and providing a number to call him at."

The uniformed man looked up again, contempt plainly apparent on his face and in his tone. "I see. Is there anything else I should be aware of before I complete your assignment for you?"

"I, er... No, sir." Zero said, clearly embarrassed by her failure.

"Acknowledged. As you were, Agent." Command closed the channel, ending the call as abruptly as it had begun.

"Yes, sir," Zero mumbled as the call was disconnected.

************************************************** ********
The Blade

Meanken was lounging on one of his chairs, calmly drinking a beer and waiting for his holo to go off with the call he was waiting for. He finished the beer he was holding and tossed the bottle at his droid. "Get rid of that, droid!" He reached under his table and pulled out another one. As he opened it and took a sip, his holo went off. He reached over and flipped it on, not bothering to get up, or even put down his beer. "So, I take it you are the one who sent my former partner after me?"

"Indeed." He paused, giving Mean an assessing look. "It seems reports of your imprisonment were greatly exaggerated. Congratulations."

"Ha, I was never imprisoned. Had to get the Imps off my *** somehow. That was the easiest way. So... you wanted me. Here I am. Now tell me why the hell you are sending people after me."

"I want to make you an offer... shall I call you Meanken, or is there another name you would prefer?"

"A relic of a codename from a time I despised. No, I'll be going by Chaff for now. Call me that."

The man on the other end of the line smiled amiably. "As you like, Chaff. Given that you and Imperial Intelligence have parted company, I expect you'll be looking for a new line of work. With that being the case, I believe you and I can be of some help to each other."

Mean nodded. "You know, if you just wanted to hire me, you didn't have to send Zero after me. Doesn't exactly make a good first impression, you know?"

"Your profile suggested the offer would have more weight if it was presented by someone with whom you were familiar." Command shrugged. "Agent Zero's approach was... regrettably overzealous."

Mean took a sip of his beer. "Fair enough. So, whats the job?"

"In simplest terms, I want you on retainer. For the most part, you will be free to pursue your own interests as you see fit. When need arises, however, I will give you a job. You will drop whatever else may be demanding your attention — I will ensure it is well worth your time to do so — to complete the assigned task quickly, efficiently, and without leaving connections between your activity and the Ascendancy."

Mean nodded. "Alright. Sounds simple enough. Should I assume you will make sure my former partner isn't going to report my freedom to the Empire? Having an Imperial Intelligence hit squad on my *** would make my life a lot harder."

"Agent Zero has been briefed on the accounting she is to give to the Empire. It is in everyone's best interest to ensure that you continue to operate free of Imperial attention."

"Good. Glad that we agree. So, I have some business to attend to, securing my new identity, all that fun stuff, so unless you got a job for me now, I think we are done here."

"We'll be in touch, Chaff." Abruptly, the channel closed, ending the call.

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08.04.2013 , 12:21 PM | #122
Keeper's Office, Dromund Kaas

Zero entered Keeper's office, where both he and Darth Jadus were waiting. Zero knelt when she saw Jadus.

"Agent." Jadus said. "You have returned. Tell me, where is my holocron?"

"My lord, I am sorry, but i was unable to secure the holocron. The situation changed, and I was forced to alter my objective."

"Yes, I am aware. However, when you were done, I expected you to reclaim the holocron. This failure is...."

"It is my fault, my lord." Keeper suddenly said. "I was the one who instructed her to focus on stopping Kole. I said nothing about getting back the holocron to her, which is why she does not have it."

Jadus turned to look at Keeper. "So I have you to blame for my missing holocron then. Fitting. The agents failure is your failure, after all. We shall deal with your incompetence later. For now...."

Darth Thanaton barged in the office unexpected. "I know your little agent there knows a bit more, even about *my* agent. Please, continue."

"Thanton." Jadus simply said. "You come into my building, barge into the office of one of my servants, and interrupt me, just to interrogate my agent about one force blind man?"

"Not interrogate, simply asking. And don't act like you haven't barged into offices before, like the other week," Thanaton growled. "Anyway, my agent and his partner said something about the holocron being a map to something. If you can tell us more?" He looked to Zero.

Zero looked to Jadus, who nodded. "Of course, my lord. The holocron, as you know, was a map to three devices across the galaxy. These devices, according to intel I gathered, were Rakata in origin. When turned on, these devices powered a station in the galactic core. I do not know how, but this station had the sole function of disabling the force throughout the galaxy."

Thanaton nodded thoughtfully, "if true, that would explain the numerous reports of my Sith across the galaxy of agonizing migraines or just not being able to use the Force for brief minutes. But if true, it was just that, for brief minutes. You were out there. What happened to said machine?"

"We had split up, so I was not in the room when the machine was disabled, but from what I saw after, and what I was told, I can only conclude that Agent Q sacrificed himself to blow up the control panel."

"I see," Thanaton nodded. "Since he ended up allowing the Force to linger on, I suppose he is to be posthumously commended. Let his name be engraved on the walls of Darth Arctis' Sphere of Ancient Knowlege, then. His monument. He did something a Sith could not have done as easily."

"You seem to be forgetting who it was that provided him with the skills required to do that he did." Jadus said. "I do hope you do not plan to try to take all the credit for this, Thanton."

"He has been on my payroll since I recruited him and pushed for his transfer, however," Thanaton retorted.

"Then perhaps you will recall the fact that he aided a known traitor, the sith who, if my reports are accurate, easily seduced him into doing whatever it is she wanted. I think his "sacrifice" was less for the good of the empire and more so that the traitor sith didn't lose her own force powers."

Thanaton turned to Zero once again, an angered look on his face. "Where is the Sith now?"

"She fled once Kole was dead and the device was disabled. Clearly she didn't want to hang around once her main goal was accomplished and Q was dead. By now, she could be anywhere in the galaxy."

"Hmm... I see," Thanaton's scowl became more prominent as he turned to Jadus. "Only a Sith is worthy to hear my thoughts on this. Do you mind dismissing your operatives?"

Jadus waved his hand "Leave us." Zero and Keeper walked out of the room.

"We both know that Quintus was patriotic in life," Thanaton began as he paced around his spot. "Yet, what Keeper and the Chiss shall never know is that beneath that patriotism was a hatred for Sith. Apparently we 'bullied' him often, much like how you see an average Imperial officer. Do you see what I am trying to get at?"

"No." Jadus stated bluntly

"You were actually rather correct. The Sith changed his mind, if the reports are accurate. If he controlled the fate of the Force and the Sith didn't seduce him, I hardly have any reasonable doubt that he wouldn't have did what he did. He longed for recognition and he longed for the day when a Sith's authority wouldn't be supreme. I applaud him and commend him for saving the Force, but it is just that bit that needs to be considered."

Jadus was silent for a moment, thinking. "Is there anyone other then you who knew about his opinion of the Sith?"

"I would be surprised if any of his superiors here before his transfer didn't catch on. Even then, I would ask Agent Zero about him. Perhaps ask her why she let the Sith traitor escape completely unchallenged as well. After all, the Sith did send her to die on Tython if the reports are correct."

"What would you have had my agent do against her? The Sith in question was quite skilled at mind tricks and illusions, according to my information. Surely you don't think a simple Force-blind agent armed with only a rifle would be able to take her in? No, this is a job for Sith. Now, my people won't talk. I shall see to that. Here is what I propose. We overlook this agent's thoughts and motives for what he did, and hold him up as a hero to the Empire. Let his 'selfless' example inspire our people to do the same. Meanwhile, we shall quietly check our own people, make sure that others do not think as he did. If we find others, then we deal with them as we see fit. We must make sure that, should another crisis happen, our people will be steadfastly loyal to us."

Thanaton fell silent as he contemplated Jadus' proposition. "That is... a sound proposition, Jadus."

"Then we are in agreement. Good. I also advise you speak with Serevin. His lack of control over his apprentice is a liability. Make sure he understands the consequences should it happen again."

"I was planning to," Thanaton replied as he started for the door. "I would still advise asking your agent about everything she knows of the Sith and my operative, especially if the traitor has earned the ire of others. Also... if you can get another version of the story on this, that would be great. Of course you understand if there are things that your Chiss left out."

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08.04.2013 , 12:22 PM | #123
Sith Sanctum, Dromund Kaas

Thanaton practically stomped his way over to Darth Serevin's office, angry at the news that his operative died while Soleta not only lived, but escaped. He barged into a busy Serevin's office without even bothering to knock.

"There you are!" Thanaton growled. "Care to tell me where your lost rat of an apprentice is?"

"If I knew where she was," Serevin snapped as he shoved at datapad at a robed human, the young man scurrying anxiously from the office, "I would be there, dealing with the problem, instead of here, listening to you rant."

"Her actions are inexcusable," Thanaton retorted. "I just got the news. My operative died while she lived and escaped with zero comeuppance. Furthermore, the nature of his death is her fault. She got one of my top Force-blinds killed for her own agenda."

"And by her own account, Jadus' errand girl allowed Soleta to go on her way completely unchallenged. I can't help but notice you aren't harassing him."

"I was just there. The meeting there only fueled my anger."

"Then what, exactly, do you expect of me?" Serevin demanded, his hands balling up into fists as he began to pace. "I can't very well give you information I don't have myself."

Thanaton's response was cut off as the comm unit on Serevin's desk sounded and the image of a man in a Reclamation Service uniform appeared. "Apologies for the interruption, my Lord," the man began, sweeping into a low bow, "but your orders were clear that you were to be informed straightaway if we found anything."

Serevin forced himself to stand still. "Report, Lieutenant."

"It's Captain Zashare and his wife, my Lord. They've been retrieved from Hoth and are bound for Dromund Kaas as we speak. ETA 16 hours."

"Well done," Serevin replied with a tooth-baring grin, "your service is to be commended." The Pureblood cut the transmission, interrupting the other man in mid-bow. "There we have it," he continued to Thanaton. "In sixteen hours, I will have either information or a highly tempting lure. Either way, the situation will be in hand."

"Indeed, I would hope so," Thanaton let loose a sigh of minor relief, yet remained livid. "I still wonder how the leash was broken so easily."

"Of course, we won't know for certain until Soleta has been interrogated." Serevin's tone eased back into his accustomed careful politeness. "I can't help but notice, though, that after only a few days of associating with your operative, she began to exhibit inappropriate willfulness."

"I've noticed similar behavior in Quintus as well," Thanaton mused. "It's almost like he fell for your apprentice."

"And if your operative's advances have cost me an apprentice..." Serevin left the threat to hang unspoken.

"It is almost obvious that your apprentice has gotten my operative killed," Thanaton spat. "Everyone knows he is patriotic, but he chafed under Sith supremacy for so long."

"What is obvious, Teneb, is that a Chiss with a grudge has presented her own wild and utterly unverifiable version of events. Perhaps you should consider that before casting accusations." Serevin returned to his desk and sat, picking up a datapad from the collection littering the desktop. "Now unless you've something relevant to impart, I have an investigation to carry out."

"Perhaps the Chiss is unreliable," Thanaton conceded before angrily retorting, "yet unreliable as she may be, there are facts, believe it or not. One, my operative is dead. Two, your apprentice had something to do with it and is a fugitive. I trust that you will have better control over your future apprentices? Oh, and Serevin? Teneb is dead. There is only Thanaton!" Thanaton roared as he shattered one of Serevin's porcelain teacups with the Force.

Without looking up from his datapad, Serevin swept away the shattered fragments of the empty cup. "I trust you can find your own way out?" he muttered distractedly.

"Indeed. This isn't over," Thanaton answered venomously as he went to the door, but stopped at the doorway. "Your apprentice is due for a painful death, Serevin. Pray that your next failure does not rub off on me again."

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08.05.2013 , 03:51 PM | #124
Jedi Temple, Tython

"... and that is how pride and wrath corrupted him, Lannik." Xon had finished telling a Kel Dor friend the story of how his padawan went from being a promising Jedi to an arrogant fallen Jedi. "Arthen had no respect for the Jedi or how we do things whatsoever."

"It is always difficult to see such potential so terribly misused." Even through the metallic rasp the breather imposed on his voice, Lannik's tone was heavy with thoughtful regret. "To watch someone wander astray and be unable to intervene."

"Indeed. Arthen had the potential to be a great Jedi, maybe even on par with Master Satele, but wasted it. The day he left was still one of the worst days I've had," Xon lamented.

Lannik nodded slowly. "I understand. There are times I can almost see that day coming for me..." He trailed off into a sigh before finishing, "What can we do, but trust in the will of the Force?"

"Nothing, lest we sink to their level. I had no choice but to end his life," Xon mused thoughtfully.

Silence settled between the two Masters as Lannik's attention drifted across the courtyard to where his own padawan stood, watching with eager attention as a pair of Knights sparred. "How do you know when you've done all you can?" Lannik asked. "Where is the line beyond which our efforts alienate rather than restore?"

"I interpret it as when they refuse to listen and become as honorless as a Sith, but with Arthen, that line remained rather difficult to draw until it was too late."

Lannik gestured toward his padawan. "He still listens, still respects the Code, but..." The Kel Dor sighed, shaking his head. "Pursuing peace is not enough. He dreams of seeking out wrongs to right, of exposing injustice."

"Injustice should be exposed, but we just don't go out and blindly seek those we think are evil when they might not be. Arthen thought similarly," Xon added. "He is correct in wanting to seek to correct injustice, but there are different ways of doing it."

"I've tried, Force knows I've tried to teach the boy some restraint," Lannik held out his arms in a resigned shrug, "but he's determined on this course, and nothing I've said or done dissuades him."

"I would hate to see another padawan with great potential fall. Perhaps I can help?" Xon asked. "I've witnessed firsthand how one can fall to that extreme."

"If you can reach him..." Lannik waved, catching the boy's attention and motioning for him to approach. The young Miraluka jogged up, looking bewilderedly from Lannik to Xon and back again. "Alendar, this is Master Xon Rainor, an old friend of mine. Xon, this is Alendar Sindri, my padawan."

"Master Rainor." Alendar bowed in greeting.

"I'll see you in the archive after dinner." Lannik laid a hand lightly on Alendar's shoulder before walking away.

"Master Dar's told me some things about you, Alendar. Don't worry, you're not in trouble or anything," Xon began. "What interests me in particular is your approach on when we should bring about peace."

"I think..." Alendar started, then paused in thought. "I think there's never a time when we shouldn't be working to foster peace. The Force gives us the tools we need, and if we listen to its guidance, it brings us to the place and time where we can do the most good."

"I agree, but to an extent." Xon replied. "We are keepers of the peace, not Republic soldiers. We shouldn't fight on whims or passions alone."

"But that's exactly it. Soldiers have to go where they're sent, and follow the orders they're given. If they come across something that's not covered in their mandate, they have to ask permission to intervene. But we're not like that. When we see an opportunity to make things better, whether it's by building up good things or tearing down bad ones, we can and we should do what we're able to right then and there. Otherwise, what we even for?"

"We set an example, Alendar. Peace is not that simple to achieve. We fight injustice and help those who cannot defend themselves," Xon sighed in deep thought. "We are not just warriors. We are looked at as paragons of justice. When we fight, it is with honor and to bring about peace, not just because we want to. Do not get me wrong, though, I agree that pacifism is not the answer. However, there is a fine balance that must be walked between pacifism and constant fighting. Either extreme will lead to bad things."

"No, I get that, and I never said we should fight all the time, or fight just for its own sake, but..." Alendar began to pace. Rather than giving an outlet to restlessness, the motion seemed to help him focus his thoughts into words. "We're able to go places and do things that other people can't. Because the Force has given us those gifts, we're obligated to use them for the benefit of others."

"I respect that. We should use the tools we have been empowered with to bring about peace. However, should the Force be considered a gift to be used and potentially abused? The Sith use the Force for their own ends left and right to do as they see fit. We too have the Force, but we are different from them. Discipline. Honor. Self-restraint. Those three facets are what make a Jedi different from a Sith. When using the Force, we must consider the consequences." Xon's tone transitioned into one of lament, "My previous padawan never listened to that lesson. His desire to bring peace to the galaxy was corrupted into a desire to commit genocide against the Sith and eventually, all Force-users."

Alendar raked his fingers through his hair. "I never said we should use the Force to secure more power for ourselves, or to carry out personal vendettas. I just think we should be working proactively, for the good of the lives around us, rather than always waiting until things get so bad that we're pushed into defending ourselves." He stopped and shrugged. "I can't see any other way to honor the trust that's placed in us."

"There I agree," Xon replied. "We are here to help others. We should work proactively so as long as we do not abuse the trust others place in us, lest we fall to the Sith's level."

"Then why don't we?"

"Different interpretations of the Jedi Code," Xon answered. "Many Masters are pacifists."

"Like Master Lannik," Alendar replied, his shoulders drooping into a slouch. "I don't want to be a disappointment to him, but I can't ignore what I know is right."

"You can always come to me with questions if you want to," Xon offered. "I see that you have potential to be a great Jedi."

Ill at ease with the unexpected praise, Alendar held back the urge to fidget by bowing. "Thank you, Master Rainor."

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08.06.2013 , 04:07 PM | #125
Aurek Base, Hoth

Sentry duty was much worse during snowstorms. But even then the entrance had to be guarded, so two Republic troopers were standing outside. During such storms one of them had his helmet's visor permanently shifted to heat view. But even then approaching creatures wouldn't be spotted until they were within 20 meters. Luckily, Hoth's wildlife took shelter itself in these conditions and even though there was an Imperial presence here, they kept the treaty and wouldn't attack. Especially not during a snowstorm.

But suddenly, he saw a heat signature. It had a humans size, but it was to cold to be one.

"Contact!" He notified the other trooper. "Unidentified life form approaching."

The silhouette became larger and it seemed to have humanoid shape too. The trooper shifted his helmet to normal vision. Barely visible, he recognized it as a human man. On a second look he realized with horror that this man was bare-chested and his skin had turned bluish. Icicles hung down from his gray beard.

"Halt! Identify yourself!" He ordered.

The man didn't answer. But he suddenly realized that the stranger was a friend. Without a word, the sentries let him pass.

The stranger went through the entrance, but then remained standing there. It protected him from the wind, but not from the cold. The troopers quickly reached for his emergency blanket, but then realized that the man didn't want it.

So he just stood there. After some time the stranger made a step further into the base. Then, a few moments later, another. And slowly, very slowly, he made his way into the base. As they were finally inside, he spoke.

"Now you can give me the blanket." And after he had wrapped it around his body, he collapsed.

"Medic!" the Trooper shouted.

Rakata cave, eight days earlier

Jehun was still trying to understand the device as he heard the signal from the sub-zero mini probe he had placed outside the cave.

"Why can't I just save the galaxy undisturbed?" he sighed and put on his cold weather coat.

When he reached the entrance, he already saw something approaching at the horizon. Several objects with a somewhat walking motion. When they came closer he recognized them as tauntauns and through the Force he noticed that they were carrying sentients. At first he counted five of them, then corrected his count to nine. Finally, thirteen. They stopped very close to him and dismounted. All of them were male and wore only crude fur coats.

"Welcome to Hoth, Jedi," said a very large, muscular one. "So, it turns out Arthan was right. A Jedi has come. And we have to stop him."

"Hailstorm," Jehun said, more to himself than to them. He had been briefed about them, but all the Republic knew had come from captured White Maw pirates. The Hailstorm Brotherhood, a group of hard core survivalists who were fighting everyone.

"I am glad the tales have spread," the large man, probably their leader, said. "Are you ready to confront us?"

"Do you really want to risk it?" Jehun asked and tried to influence his mind to consider the dangers. "Without trying to negotiate?"

"Hahaha," the leader laughed a deep laughter. "You try mindtricking me by reminding me of the dangers. I don't know anything that could be more counter-productive."

Jehun had already realized that. But before he could do anything, they attacked. He quickly lifted the leader into the air and ignited his lightsaber. And a moment later he had to defend himself against five, six enemies. Within seconds he realized they had trained for this. All of them used vibroblades and coordinated their attacks. If Jehun hadn't managed to influence their thoughts into attacking his saber instead of him, he would have been hacked into pieces within seconds.

He did manage to hold his own though, and after a dozen attacks the Brothers became a lot more predictable. Until their leader rejoined the fight. Instead of swinging his vibrosword, he tried to stab Jehun with a dagger. Jehun parried it with his lightsaber, and the blade... went out!

He could hear something crackle inside the hilt, felt a little shock at his hand... and then he was unarmed. Quickly, he kicked the leader in the face, who stumbled back. But before he could raise a protective bubble around him, a deactivated vibroblade hit his back hard. The leader punched him in the stomach without hesitation. And soon enough he had a blade at his throat.

The leader laughed. "I haven't introduced myself, I think. I am Master Sav. Tie him up so we can take him back to the fortress. There we can negotiate, Master Jedi."

Aurek Base, present

Jehun sat on his bed in the med bay, still recovering from hypothermia. When he had arrived, he hadn't even been able to talk and had to resort to mind manipulation. But now he was capable of a holo call to the Jedi Council. Jaric Kaedan was on the other end, visibly relieved, and told Jehun what had happened.

"I guessed that was the case," he said as Jaric had finished. "For a brief moment, I couldn't feel the Force. But – thank the Force, haha – it came back."

"You didn't manage to deactivate the device, I assume?" Master Jaric asked.

"I didn't. I made some progress in understanding how it works. But before I could even start an attempt to deactivate it, I was interrupted by the Hailstorm Brotherhood."

"I'm not familiar with that name."

"Former pirates who have turned into survivalists. They want to best Hoths environment, Republic and Empire, Jedi and Sith. Apparently they had contact with Kole and he convinced them to protect the device's cave after it was activated."

"Their reason?"

"Well, they know Force users have a distinctive advantage, so I think they wanted to level the playing field. And they wanted to see if they can capture a Jedi. It turned out they can." Jehun laughed.

"They took you prisoner?" Jaric said with disbelieve.

"They did. Overwhelming numbers and attacks from all sides. One of them used a Cortosis dagger to short-circuit my lightsaber. I have to admit though, part of the reason they managed it was because I held back. I didn't want to kill them and they took advantage of it."

"So you finally see my point?" Jaric asked, almost jokingly.

"Oh, I've seen your point for a long time," Jehun assured. "We always have to weight the different outcomes and in this case I probably made a mistake. Fortunately, everything turned out alright in the end. I even managed to part with them on semi-good terms."

"I was prisoner for several days and got to know their leader, Master Sav. He is a man who wants to conquer challenges and wants others to strife and conquer challenges. In the end we made a deal. We would battle in the Crypt, that is a cave which fog soaks you through within seconds. It feels like it sucks all warmth from you. This duel was intended as a fight to the death. If I won, I would be allowed to leave for the cave. If he won, he would have bested a Jedi."

"Of course, I wasn't allowed to use my lightsaber or Force attacks. We should only use what our body gave us. I did use the Force to a non-obvious degree, though. But again, I held back and tried to avoid killing him. We fought, I don't know, ten, twelve hours. In the end, both of us were barely standing. The stalemate was resolved with compromise. I had to promise I wouldn't return to the cave, then I was allowed to leave. But only in the gear we had been fighting in, so my lightsaber is still there and I almost froze to death. This was intended as yet another test. If I would manage to survive Hoth's blizzards half-naked, I was truly worthy or something."

He laughed. "And survived I have. I guess now I could go back to them and apply for membership."

"That was incredibly risky," Jaric reproved.

"Not as risky as one Jedi attacking the Dread Masters on his own," Jehun shrugged.

Jaric grumbled something.

"I will return to Tython as soon as I am fit enough to travel," Jehun assured. "Can't wait to tell Dav of this."

"Don't give him any ideas!" Jeric ordered.

"I can give him all the ideas I want now. He's your padawan, deal with it."

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08.06.2013 , 04:08 PM | #126
Alderaan, 2 months after The Installation Incident

"Listen, the kid's fine. Doc's a pretty damn good doctor, last I checked," Nayar shrugged as he passed by orderlies and other patients in the spacious, clean hallways.

"Yeah, I know." Maneera shuffled along behind him, scuffing her toes against the pristine tiles as she walked. "It's the part after this I'm worried about. Kid damn near got killed out there."

"So'd the rest of us, yet I don't see you fretting over me," Nayar nudged backwards, a smile on his face and wink in his eye as he turned the sharp corner.

Maneera hurried to come up alongside him, forcing a grin as she gently elbowed him in the ribs. "That's 'cause you can get yourself out of your own messes. He's just..." The smile slowly faded. "Alen'd be that old if—" She cut the thought short, shaking her head. "He's a kid, and I told him everything would be okay."

"And it will be. That's why he's here, instead of six feet under or floating in space," Nayar finished for her, finally arriving at the door. Nayar pulled out a cigarette then, lighting the small stub before taking a deep whiff. He blew the smoke out slowly, then motioned Mans towards the door. "After you, big sis."

"What's-her-name's gonna have your *** in a sling if she catches you smoking," Maneera smirked as she passed Nayar on her way into the room.

"You could knock!" Niven yelped, sitting on the edge of the bed and hastily pulling up his pants.

"Yeah, prob'ly could've." Maneera reached into the tiny closet and pulled out his shirt, grinning as she tossed it to him. "Been cozying up to the nurses like I told you?"

"Tried. Turns out they all know you."

"That's a shame," Nayar breathed, the puff of smoke forming an O as it escaped. "You want a smoke, son? With what comes ahead for you, it ain't gonna be fun. Rehab's a *****."

Niven wrinkled his nose, holding back a sneeze. "About that. Any chance of getting me out of here maybe a little ahead of schedule? Hospitals and me, we don't really get along."

"Unless Doc gives the A-okay, not a chance in hell." Nayar pushed a stool away from the cot, leaning back against the wall as he sat with a sigh. "I ain't a doctor, but you got pretty kriffed up in there."

"But I'm fine," Niven retorted, rolling his eyes. "Besides, rehab's just a matter of rebuilding muscle, and I shouldn't have to be stuck in here for that."

"I know you want to be up and around, kiddo," Maneera sat down beside Niven, reaching over to ruffle the fur between his ears, "but you can't push this, or you'll just mess things up worse in the long haul." She snickered as he tried to smooth his fur back into place.

"There was this one time I broke my wrist as a kid breaking some other kid's jaw. Mom's furious, Dad's trying not to laugh, Sis is staring wide-eyed, and Ra-" Nayar stopped there, shaking his head before shrugging. "Well, it wasn't fun to walk around the next month or so, let me say that. Dad said no kolto, that letting it heal naturally was my punishment." Nayar flexed his left wrist then, an audible crack snapping the air. "Still can't tell if it's early arthritis or just no medicine, but there it it is."

"Okay, Boss, you made your point," Maneera sniped as both she and Niven shuddered at the sound of the joint cracking. "No one wants to hear your busted old-man noises."

Doc peered in through the opened door. "Gonna guess I caught the wrong end of that."

"What's the word?" Niven hopped to his feet, wobbling briefly but keeping upright. "I can go now, right?"

"Incredibly bad timing, Doc," Nayar chuckled, dropping his arm.

"The ladies disagree, Captain, and they smell better." Doc lifted the charts off Niven's cot to scan the graphs as he pushed into the room. "As for fuzzy-wuzzy here, the charts say you're good to go, but I'd like to run a test or two before I let ya out. Medical responsibility and all."

"More tests?" Niven whined as he paced to the door and back. "Look, I can walk. What else could you possibly need to check?"

Pulling a hand scanner from his pocket, Doc grinned and shook his head. "What is it with you people and not holding still for exams?" he snickered as he nudged Niven back to the bed. "Sooner you sit your butt down, sooner this'll be over with." With a put-upon sigh, the young Cathar flopped back to sit beside Maneera, watching anxiously as Doc ran the scanner over his legs. "Bone density looks fine... muscle pulled back together nice and clean..." Doc put a hand on Niven's knee, pressing down gently. "Try to push back?" He switched to the other knee. "Again?" Stepping back, Doc tucked away his scanner and added a few notes to the chart.

"What's the verdict, Doc?" Maneera asked. "Are we taking him off your hands today?"

"He's still got some work to do before he'll be back to 100%," Niven grimaced at that, his ears folding back against his head, "but you're gonna have to make sure he doesn't push too hard. I'll send you the breakdown on recovery physio."

"Then I guess we'll take him off your hands," Nayar stood then, stretching towards the sky.

Niven stood again, shaking Doc's hand. "Thanks, doctor." He turned toward Maneera as she stood. Putting a hand forward, then holding out his arms, he wavered undecided between a handshake and a hug until Maneera solved the dilemma for him by hugging him tight and ruffling his fur again.

Nayar dropped the cigarette he was grasping, letting it fall to the floor before stomping out the flame. At an eyebrow from Doc, Nayar sighed, bent down and cleaned up the ashes. "What, I haven't had one in almost eight months. Princess can deal."

Doc started a response, only to be cut short by Maneera asking, "So when's your shift over? Haven't done a night out in ages."

"I can't this time," he replied, dutifully if entirely without enthusiasm. "Prudy's been makin' noise about spending some 'alone time', and we're both off for the night, so—"

"Aww, c'mon, Doc, it'll be fun," Maneera pleaded. "And besides, you can go home to Nurse Reliable any time."

"I dunno..."

Maneera grinned impishly. "I'm buying."

"It's your turn to pick up the first round anyway."

"No, I mean the whole night's on me."

Doc hesitated a moment before returning the grin. "See you in three hours."

"Mind if I tag along? Last haul was a crapshoot, and we didn't get any time to relax before we headed here. There's only so much a cig can do," Nayar winked, dumping the ashes in a nearby trash container.

"Wellll..." Maneera drawled, stepping back to eye Niven in mock suspicion. "I'm not so sure we can leave the new kid by himself, and it's gonna be tough to scare up a sitter on three hours' notice."

Niven rolled his eyes, one ear flattening back again. "I don't need to be looked after."

Maneera snickered. "Yeah, you can both come along. You're on your own with the ladies, though."

"Like I needed any help in the first place," Nayar scoffed, moving to stand closer to Niven. "Alright, kid, looks like you're gonna be my wingman."

"Why me? Maybe I want to. . . er. . ." a blush darkened the skin underneath the fur as Niven attempted to continue.

"Age before beauty, kid. That's why."

"Come on, guys," Maneera laughed as she guided Niven out the door. "We can discuss wingman duties once we're out of Doc's hair."

((Thank you everyone for reading, this is Formal Request's end. ))