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[Bioanalysis] Lower lvl (11, 15, 19) implants (visual, ocular, bio-optic)???

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[Bioanalysis] Lower lvl (11, 15, 19) implants (visual, ocular, bio-optic)???

DunkinDavid's Avatar

06.17.2014 , 12:25 PM | #1
Anyone know if these are still in the game and if so where to learn the schematics?
I've never seen these on the GTN, but wasn't into crafting when the game came out...maybe they've been removed in an update?
Below are the items I'm looking for schematics for...note: these are not the imperial/republic lvl 15 warzone comms implants (I don't think)...thanks!

Visual Resolve System 11
Visual Reflex Enhancer 11
Visual Skill Package 11
Visual Might Package 11
Ocular Resolve System 15
Ocular Reflex Enhancer 15
Ocular Skill Package 15
Ocular Might Package 15
Bio-Optic Resolve System 19
Bio-Optic Skill Package 19
Bio-Optic Might Package 19
Bio-Optic Reflex Enhancer

Kulyok's Avatar

06.18.2014 , 01:03 AM | #2
I wish I could help, but in truth, I'd really love if those were available, myself. I never met any of these in-game. To my knowledge, level 21 implants are the lowest level possible for the ones you can craft. You can also get some lower-level implants on Nar Shaddaa as quest rewards, but no recipes for those exist.
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Naelidaan's Avatar

06.18.2014 , 11:21 AM | #3
Those schematics got cut at some point in alpha/beta and never made it into the live game.

khsolo's Avatar

06.26.2014 , 06:53 PM | #4
I have lvl 21 implants for all classes on my main, purple ones since i have been since the begginning, they were drops from ops in those days

Some people still craft them and i can craft them if you want them, just let me know ingame, name khsolo po5