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Video guide for SM version of the hive queen.

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02.12.2019 , 05:02 PM | #1
Hey all! Today SWTOR released patch 5.10.1 which included a new instanced world boss similar to those on makeb and ziost. I put together a quick video guide on how to find the operation, how to kill it, and the codex entry regarding the boss on my channel. Check out the video then hop on and find a group to kill it yourselves!

Some short notes.. try to get the red aoe only on one or fewer eggs, as they instantly spawn adds. Get the tanks to grab the champ adds asap as they cause a lot of damage. towards the end a ton of adds spawn in it is best to stack them under boss and focus boss let aoe and dot spread take care of adds. When the elite adds spawn have ranged dps take care of them ASAP or they will spit acid all over raid. u can also kite the royal guards as off tank to clear up eggs without spawning adds as the cleave will do that.

Watch the burn phase at end make sure the dps are hitting the boss and using DOT spread/AOE to kill the adds under boss as if they focus adds they will get overwhelmed and group will wipe.

As for the area design.. well KUDOS to bioware on this one it looks so awesome! its creepy, mysterious, and above all, UNIQUE! for a short 10 minute raid it is so well designed. A ton of fun I highly recommend checking the fight our yourselves.. there are a ton of folks on atm that are trying it so finding a group should not be too hard.

Note that atm there does not seem to be a weekly mission to kill the queen on the ossus terminal except in VM (HM) hoping they will fix this so there is some reward other than the cheevo and possible 252 gear.
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