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Feedback Shield on Strikes

phalczen's Avatar

06.10.2018 , 06:53 PM | #1
I wanted to like the addition of feedback shield to strikes in 5.5, truly I did. But, I just don't see it as offering any advantage over QCS or Directionals.
  1. How many of you use Feedback Shield on any Strike?
  2. Its available on two of the three types, but do you find it works better on one than the other?
  3. Do you find it works for TDM only or DOM only, rather than being flexible enough for both modes?
  4. Is it effective only against one particular adversary, for example, type 2 burst scouts, or pursuing node entrenched bombers?
  5. What would you change to make it more useful?
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RickDagles's Avatar

06.10.2018 , 10:31 PM | #2
I've tried out a bunch of feedback builds. I don't think any of them are meta, but the T1F HLC/RFL/Cluster/Feedback/Retro/Wingman build is viable in domination mode. As you suggested, it's a good counter to T2 scouts. You tap them with HLC a few times and then when they come chase after you, finish them with feedback shields and clusters. Kinda similar fighting style to a T3G feedback build except the strike is tankier and faster.

I don't like using it in team deathmatch because the QCS engine regeneration is so important in that mode.

I think it would be a good idea to give feedback shield a 15% increase in shield power pool.