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Seriously wish Satele Shan had a GSF guild, either side.

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Seriously wish Satele Shan had a GSF guild, either side.

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04.07.2018 , 03:17 PM | #1
I find myself playing GSF even more than Warzones these days, and people have been telling me that I play a decent Scout, which is what I almost exclusively run as, so I must be getting better at it. But there don't seem to be any guilds specifically committed to GSF on Satele Shan. The few PvP guilds I've seen, good ones like Shura, Blue Octagon, and Qui Gon Gin and Juice, are committed mainly to Warzones and don't do much GSF from what I've seen.

I like Warzones, particularly Huttball, but I just find myself gravitating away from them and playing GSF more and more; I feel like it's a unique and refreshing change of gameplay from Warzones and PvE content in general, it's well optimized, and it's FUN. It certainly has a learning curve to it, and getting stomped on as you try to pick it up is not at all uncommon, but it's a hell of a lot of fun once you get the hang of it, and I really wish more people participated in it.

I just wish there was a Guild that focused on GSF more. Maybe not exclusively, but was at least a central theme of the guild, to run GSF as part of their content focus.

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04.21.2018 , 02:27 PM | #2
You should join the GSF Discord. Dakhath runs it, and you can usually find people:

You can also chat in voice with this, but for whatever reason that happens reasonably seldom. You can though.

You should also
/cjoin gsf

And can use that to look for fellow pilots looking for groups.
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