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What’s the best US based server SS or SF for doing what content ?

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What’s the best US based server SS or SF for doing what content ?

TrixxieTriss's Avatar

04.20.2018 , 09:00 PM | #1
I though I’d start a thread so people can more easily ask and hopefully find out which US servers (Satele Shan or Star Forge) are the best regarding specific parts of the game. Hopefully some helpful people can fill us in with their experiences

My questions are :

What’s the best US based server to get low and mid tier pvp done between 9pm-12am EST or 7pm-12am PDT and what’s the best faction to play at those times. Or are other times in this bracket better 8pm-10am EST (5pm-7am PDT)

What’s the best times to play lvl 70 pvp on SS and SF between 8pm-10am EST (5pm-7am PDT)

What’s the best times to play ranked pvp on SS and SF between 8pm-10am EST (5pm-7am PDT)

What’s the best days to play pvp in general on either server.

What’s the best days to list stuff on the GTN.

What’s the best days to do GSF and times

What’s the best server, days and times to do random group Flash Points.

Aeneas_Falco's Avatar

04.20.2018 , 09:06 PM | #2
I haven't been playing on Satele Shan much lately but I recently logged into one of my characters there during it's prime time, and it seemed a lot less busy than Star Forge during it's prime time. It barely had two instances on Fleet while SF Imp Fleet got up to three the same day at prime time.

Unless I just caught SS on an off day, SF seems to be the more populated server.

NHBabe's Avatar

04.21.2018 , 03:34 AM | #3
Every day is about the same. Normally anytime after 2p Eastern you'll start seeing pops, though at a trickle at first. Maybe 2 an hour. Anytime after 5p Eastern you'll start to see more frequent pops, usually 5+ an hour and even sometimes multiple matches taking place at once. The que slowly stops popping anywhere from 1a-2a Eastern.

Don't ask about which side as it flip-flops ALL THE TIME. On the SF many of the active GSF'ers have characters on both sides. If we see that one side is completely dominating to the point that the que will stop popping, a few of us will switch factions to try to balance things out.

I'll warn people now though, there ARE a few leeches on both sides and the active GSF'ers don't stand for them. Not only will you get kicked, you'll also get reported on. You'll also be called out on Fleet General and in the GSF channel - constantly. If you're not going to even attempt to try to help the team, don't que.

Those that are willing to learn will find many people offering to help, though like any other area of the game there are a few elitists that may give newbies a hard time. We mostly ignore them and suggest you do as well.
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TrixxieTriss's Avatar

04.21.2018 , 09:37 PM | #4
My observations playing from Australia this Saturday afternoon-Night on Satele Shan after starting a new Sniper Alt.

Tier one pvp. Lvl 10-41

Queued at lvl 10 (4pm AEST)
Got first pop at 6pm Arena 4v4, Imp vs Imp.
Next pop was at 12:10am, Hutt Ball, 4v5, Imp vs Imp. (Actually one of the most fun HBs I’ve played in a long time)
Next pop was at 12:42am, Hypergates 7v8, Imp vs Rep
Next pop was at 1:06am, Void Star 6v7. Imp vs Imp
Next pop was at 1:28am, Hutt Ball, 8v8. Imp vs Imp
Next pop was at 1:56am. Yavin, 8v8, mixed (mostly Imps on both teams, 1 rep on my team)
Went to bed at after the last match (just when pops started to increase )

For those of you not used to Aussie times, this is the time bracket in EST - 2am - 12pm (And Yes, I do know it’s out of prime time, this info is for others who might play outside prime times so they can plan their activities)

So, in the space of 10 hours, I was able to get 6 matches in lower pvp and only 2 of those had a full 8v8 compliment. In that time, only one arena popped, which is weird considering there were obviously less people in the queue for 8v8 matches and it chose to wait until we had “enough” for 8v8 matches instead of putting us into arena matches.

I really did enjoy the reduced number of people in the 4v5 Hutt Ball match I played. (It was 5v5 at the start, but someone on our team quit before it started). I would really love to see more 5v5 (standard) Hutt Ball matches.

My suggestion to Keith, that at low pop times and low queue population times, that the queue for 8v8 maps should default the limit of players to 5v5 or to only popping 4v4 arena’s until there are more than 24 people in the queue. I would really like this to be considered for outside of prime time or low queue population as it would greatly help pop times.