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Players With Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

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Players With Disabilities and Chronic Illnesses

JakRoanin's Avatar

06.16.2017 , 12:26 PM | #1
Dear Team, Please forgive me for putting something like this here if it's not the proper place. I've been playing since February and still consider myself very new but I've noticed some things that can make life harder on Players with health problems both in game and on the forums. I don't have any hard data but I'm sure if someone checks they'd be shocked at how many people with difficulties game. I myself have Cerebral Palsy. In my case my eye hand coordination is minimal and my hands don't work great. With the new changes coming it might be a good idea to discuss how to make life easier for those of us with Vision problems, hearing problems or muscle problems, as well as many other things.

Theeko's Avatar

06.16.2017 , 12:35 PM | #2
I have ADD but I manage to play MMO's, who I really look up to are the paraplegics that actually do the same and most can only play with there mouth.

Icykill_'s Avatar

06.16.2017 , 12:36 PM | #3
I second that..
I have a deteriorating eye condition called keratoconus and I will eventually need a corneal transplant.
While my eye sight is still ok (sort of), I am starting to find it hard to read somethings on the screen without leaning into look at the monitors.
Being able to adjust text to a permanent size in the game would greatly help me.
Of course I still need to be playing the game for this to matter and with all the other issues the game has I can see this being at the very bottom of the to do list.
I think if they can fix everything else first, they should then look at QOL for people who need some help to play the game due to health restraints.
If they don't fix the other stuff first there won't be a game to play.
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JakRoanin's Avatar

06.16.2017 , 04:01 PM | #4
My eyes are perfectly fine (thankfully) and I can barely see the print! Cerebral Palsy (CP) is extremely different for each person. In my case, the combat is the hardest.

keithcrawford's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 09:23 AM | #5
As a player with disabilities I really appreciate easier and solo mode content. I love to raid and play content with other people, but on my bad days I'm a liability to a group and I know it. Having group content I can do with people where if I spaz out for a bit it won't matter is pretty great.

On that subject, it would be great if they made it possible to summon companions in story mode raids and sort out solo mode for all of the flashpoints. As my health has degenerated over time it has helped me enormously that the team have opened up the game, made OP companions and soloable heroics and all that sort of thing, so I can keep my Star Wars fantasy going while life gets less, well, fantastic ^^.

More choices and ways to play are always good.

Oh, and customisable interfaces have really helped! If they could continue working on that (I'd like to be able to make some icons REALLY big; I'd like to be able to edit pop up windows (crafting reports, etc).)

[I am now wondering if posting this post means I will be instantly kicked from group finder from now on! I'm not always rubbish, bad days and good days, you know how it is.)

peterhine's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 09:26 AM | #6
I second that.....
I have chstic fibrosis and asthma, i have low muscle tone in my hands along with ADHD and i suffer from epilepsy whoch has almost killed me 4 times and put me in the hospital more than i can count, and this is one of my favorite games to play, even when im in the hospital so i feel like we should do something for those that suffer with disabilities
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keithcrawford's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 09:26 AM | #7
Shorter content is a good thing as well - the Uprisings are good in that direction, and I really liked our "one boss raid" with Tython.

Would it even be possible to have "single boss challenges?" Like, we fight the third boss from ravagers - we port straight in without the trash - fight the boss, claim the loot (obv. could be less loot to compensate for easier experience), raid ended. For those of us that can't handle a long period of play this would be a great way to get involved without, you know, falling over.

An arena fight. Go to the arena, fight a selected (or randomly selected) raid boss, win, fall over, take your pain killers and go to bed. All round win!

Great thread by the way.

juliushorst's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 10:32 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by keithcrawford View Post
Would it even be possible to have "single boss challenges?"
World bosses and DvL bosses kind of work this way but it's hard to find people interested in killing them even on more populated servers... Still don't have that cool Dread Guard Corrupted Mask because nobody wants to kill Dreadtooth

fifteendollers's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 11:08 AM | #9
Throwing my hat in to say I support this thread.

DarthEnrique's Avatar

06.17.2017 , 12:03 PM | #10
As someone who has two mental disorders and a physically disabled brother I support this.
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