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Advice on how to improve HPS in PVP

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Advice on how to improve HPS in PVP

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03.18.2013 , 11:46 PM | #11
I have been able to break 1300 hps. In fact I just got out of a game where I did 1334. Granted that is not normal, but I probably average around 1000. IMO anything above 900 is a good game. Some of the techniques I use are as follows:

Drop one slow-release medpac on three different people and then do a diagnostic scan. (Keep your energy high and you won't have energy problems.)

If you have a reliable tank with you, drop your kolto cloud on him pretty much every time it is up. (If your tank is doing his job he should be near peeps that need heals. This is a good way to get the most out of your aoe heals.)

If people need bigger heals perform underworld medicine followed by emergency medpack for a decent inexpensive burst.

If someone is really getting focused and you don't think that the prior technique mentioned will keep them up, perform kolto pack followed by underworld medicine. (I usually do this multiple times in succession if I still have my cool head up. Usually this will weather the opposing teams burst and hots can fix the prob afterwards. If cool head is not up I do not suggest this for it is very costly.)

If you are being focused heavily pop defense screen plus dodge at the same time. ( Only if you think you cannot weather the storm with defense screen, hots, and stuns.)

A good way to get someone off of you is to target a different opponent and crouch. This will allow you to roll to the nearest object, covering large distance very fast. (This technique takes some getting used to because you have to be quick and target an opponent, roll, and quickly re-target an ally that needs heals.)

Whenever you are not casting, constantly run around in awkward angles in and out of your allies. It makes you a much harder target. Also run behind your allies when you start getting focused.

Lastly, use your ops frames. I would have to say I probably only look up off of my ops frames every two heals. I am trying to get better about getting the whole view, but honestly if you are really trying to keep your allies up you should have a lot of attention on your ops frames.

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