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New battles

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05.17.2019 , 04:51 AM | #1
I want to see attacks with objectives in gsf. Collecting resources is one thing. But can we see actual battles being played out in space?

1st what I picture is possibly a two turn option like PvP Voidstar. One side starts as a defender and the other the attacker. With a timer, the goal would be to destroy the enemies star base. Something like the space missions where you attack or defend your star base. Here, however you have to worry about actual players stopping you. Most damage dealt within the time limit or fastest time in destroying the enemy wins.

Another option is Capital ship battle. Here, two capital ships are battling it out and you're in a fighter/bomber/gs set to defend your ship while also destroying your enemy's. A timer is set, but like elimination, first to destroy the enemy's ship wins, otherwise most damage dealt wins.

A third option is battleship. In this scenario you have a fleet of ships; capital, medical frigate, destroyer, and cruiser. The medical frigate can deploy healing probes that heals the fleet and does 100%/second healing to the capital ship. The goal is to destroy the capital ship (most damage in time limit) The capital ship also has self defense turrets and shield generators protecting it. Each capital ship has 16 gun batteries, 4 shield generators, 2 shields, and the bridge. Each shield generator has 45% evasion, damage reduction and defense and provides this towards the shield. The shield provides 60% evasion, damage reduction and defense towards the bridge. Destroying the bridge destroys the ship. The frigate has 2 shield generators, a shield and the bridge, but does not have defensive weapons of it's own. Attacking it will draw fire on you from both the cruiser and destroyer. The cruiser has 3 missile batteries (s/m/l), one pulse cannon battery, one ion gun turret, and drops seeker mines periodically. It has 2 shield generators and a shield defending the bridge. The destroyer has a plasma and slug gun turret, medium range missiles, and 4 gun batteries. It has the same shielding for it's bridge. All weapon systems will respawn eventually. The map has you being deployed from your capital ship, the cruisers and destroyers are engaged in battle amongst themselves in fairly close proximity with each other creating the battlezone. The frigates are between the battlezone and the capital ship.

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05.19.2019 , 07:32 AM | #2

I like ur ideas but if if I must provide some construction criticism its that they are not feasible unless u are willing to pay bioware out of pocket OR out of your bank account by certified check or however your bank does things.

point is you have some lofty aspirations and in a perfect world bioware would be able to toil with these ideas night AND day but they have families and responsbilities which extend beyond pleasing your brainchild. now if you want to start making your own game I would encourage it with an open source program like here.

there are plenty of success stories with open source platforms including but not limited to Simon Tatham's Portable Puzzle Collection, Super Tux Party, Super Tux Party 2, Warzone 2100, and Candy Crisis.

Good luck!

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