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The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint, (story mode)

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The Spirit of Vengeance Flashpoint, (story mode)

RameiArashi's Avatar

11.13.2020 , 04:40 PM | #1
Since the story isn't implemented don't know why am I there in the first place and I just have one of my own clas companions. Until I clicked on a panel then suddenly I have some guy I don't know in a cut scene. Cut scene ends I am already half dead because I imeedialty appear inside boss flaming circle of death. So I died. I eventually killed him by ressing and running out of his red circles. but I hate these bosses which are clearly not meant for imperial agents or smugglers who have to stay in place to launch their attacks.

Second boss is worse . Can't stop to get off a shot at alt. Constantly moving to avoid him so he targets companion who is instant killed before boss targets me and I'm dead in two shots. Clearly not ready for story mode. I'm guessing supposed to have a different character who helps deal with this boss not just my class companion.

Oh walking through kitchen I felt like I was back in the Festival of Prosperity.

Akumakazama's Avatar

11.13.2020 , 10:13 PM | #2
I understand this is PTS but please take these into consideration.
1. "Jump puzzle" should be a short cut for those who like them, and for those of us who can't, there is another route to progress. I am not very good with them but if I were there are other games I would play. I gave up on the Makeb DataCron for this very reason. It would be nice to bring those back. My point an interactive FP where if I were a slicer I could pass that area.

2. The first couple area the number of mobs was ridiculous or were they there just for looks and decor? There was one room where my "route" didn't have me interact with the majority. I don't like it when "added difficulty" only means throwing more mobs at you.

3. The first boss, the one after the first cut scene with the "new guy" was to me, not hard but at the same time not engaging with my sorc and companion who's level 50. I just for the most part DPS race and luckily my comp kept me well above half. If there were mechanics I didn't see them with my run. The sheer amount of hitpoints he had made me wonder if I already make it to the boss. Please for the Love of the game, make the rewards kinda match the difficulty. Ie if the boss takes a while to kill then maybe you don't have the gear to down him very fast. You shouldn't be rewarded with low crap gear. I am not sure but maybe it's just a pts thing.

Again never made it to the last boss cause I couldn't get past the Jump puzzle.

SethDanny's Avatar

11.14.2020 , 04:38 PM | #3
I tried to do it but I gave up. I'm a long time player and i realise that on the PTS my character is weaker because it's missing the legacy perks and stuff, but dying 3 times in the first 2 rooms is not fun for me. I play a smuggler healer and a maxed out Shae Vizla as companion. Not being able to sneak around the mobs because the hounds smelled me is exactly the thing that made people hate the KotFE chapters - forced fights with tons of mobs. This didn't look like a story mode flashspoint, the big waves of mobs made it feel just like a vet uprising. i was able to reach the boss, but dying in 12 seconds after dying a couple of more times because the adds i skipped were still there just made me ragequit immediately. I understand people like engaging challenging content but make story mode feel like an easy mode for the people who just want to see the story, because not being able to finish content is just frustrating.

woganator's Avatar

11.15.2020 , 02:45 PM | #4
Yeah, it's a "wee bit," overtuned. I first attempted with a smuggler dps and rank 50 heals comp; got wrecked a few times in first mobs. Stealth is constantly being broken so can't stealth by. got wasted by first boss. decided i'd give it a try on a tank with a healing comp. grabbed my sin; got to heta, i think the 4th ish boss. comp was instantly capped by some bomb mechanic. my tank with 88% defense and 70% shield / absorb with my cooldowns went down on the second shot... should also mention first several bosses had to use (2) full entire uses of heroic moment, each fight was still over 10 minutes. lastly tried my veng jugg. this time was shredding the mobs. bosses going down pretty easily. in the part with the hentai tentacly pr0n monsters i landed kinda behind them, and figured what they hey i'll skip these turds and went to the door... annnnd couldn't progress or go back after that, had to reset fp... go through everything again and once again, get to heta again and same scenario as with tank, healing comp is smoked first bomb attack and i go down after second hit, with reflect on. i also noticed several mobs that had some that were not up to level 75, there were several 11s, 59s, etc. I think once they get this properly tuned it will be pretty alright, but for now, i dunno how anyone can get passed heta, unless you're on a ranged toon with decent movement like a sorc /sage or bh / mando.

RameiArashi's Avatar

11.15.2020 , 03:19 PM | #5
I never saw a jumping puzzle. Thanks for the warning though.

casirabit's Avatar

11.15.2020 , 08:02 PM | #6
Is story mode active on PTS because from what I read they wanted testing on Veteran Mode so didn't think story mode was actually active since they didn't want to reveal the story.
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GrimmDoomm's Avatar

11.16.2020 , 08:43 AM | #7
Made it to the last boss. She quickly takes out my companion and I with those sticky grenades. They hit for 124,000 to 143,000 and she throws them about every 20 to 30 seconds. No time to really heal. Also, on the 3rd boss, there is nowhere to hide from his sniper shots, even if you hug the wall or consoles below him.

Mellyn's Avatar

11.16.2020 , 03:07 PM | #8
I made it to the last boss in SM on Infiltration shadow. With Lana (lvl 50). I can survive 4 grenades if he throw them at my character. This grenade can be cleansed. But how we suppose to do it with companion in SM? I will try it on my merc and see what happens.

Quiterie's Avatar

11.18.2020 , 05:11 PM | #9
i think its an nice easy fp (played with lvl 12 heal companion till the last 2 bosses, than switched to an lvl 40) it could be more challenging (i play an fury marauder) but the last boss was for me impossible, any hints for this?

i like the design and the wall trophy (i think we get new decorations in the future )

Lightfire's Avatar

11.19.2020 , 12:57 PM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by RameiArashi View Post
I never saw a jumping puzzle. Thanks for the warning though.
Neither did I, and I made it to the last boss before I died. It was rough with at least 5 to 10 minute fights all the way up with the first bosses, soooo draggy on those fights. But yeah, the last boss, not a chance almost an instant death. This has got to be fixed where we at least stand a chance. I am a 75 smuggler, maxed affection Shae, and geared up when I came over from reg server. Did ok up until that final fight.
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