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Do you think Taris is enjoyable?

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Do you think Taris is enjoyable?

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11.30.2012 , 04:12 PM | #21
Like some of the other commenters, I really loathed it by the time I got my fourth Pub character through it. The speeder pathing is dumb and illogical (backtracking? Really?), the footpaths confusing, especially when coupled with the map, which can be hard to read if you haven't been over the planet five times. I did it pre-Legacy speeder, so I was having to walk (or Sprint) eveywhere.

Then I hit it with my first Imperial...and for some reason, I grew to like it a lot. I think partially because as another commenter said, it's the only planet that ever displays a night cycle. Just that one change made a huge difference in my experience of it. The Imperial planet quest was fun. And I found it really enjoyable all the callbacks they did to the Republic Taris storyline, from some NPC cameos to one of the Imperial class quests having weak ties into one of the Republic class quests.

I wound up having to visit Taris with one of my Level 50 Pub characters to tie up her leveling stories, and it was so strange to do so after the culmination of her story line and knowing what I did of what happens to Taris in Chapter 2 under the Imperial storyline. It literally felt like stepping back into time, more than any other experience I've had to do.
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11.30.2012 , 09:36 PM | #22
Is Taris enjoyable....

Well, I certainly put it on par with inserting needles underneath my fingernails. That's just above standing on a standard UK 3 socket plug barefoot on the enjoyable scale.

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12.01.2012 , 12:03 PM | #23
I am a lvl39 BHPT and i just left Taris yesterday. It's not loathesome imo, but is my least favorite planet thus far. My Favorite was Balmorra, with Tatooine right behind it.

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12.02.2012 , 03:27 AM | #24
Well... this is not an easy question.

Republic Taris questline was quite boring. Nothing really engaging happened there. The only bright moment for me was discovering the fate of an undeground colony which i helped back in KOTOR. Yeah, they ended up bad and that saddened me, but at least it was something. But i liked the general idea of restoring the planet i've known and seen destroyed with my own eyes.

Imperial Taris questline, on the opposite, was fun and engaging, but... I couldn't bear their ultimate goal on this planet. It just didn't make much sense and ruined everything else for me. First, i understand that reps started their restoration project in order to inspire their own people, which is undesirable, but it would take years for them to achieve any significant results. Why then would you dedicate any resources to stop the project right now? Especially when they can be used elswhere for the actual warfare? Second, if you really want to interfere that bad, why then would you want to stop the restoration project at all? Why not taking it over and restoring the planet for the glory of the Empire? Taris was an Imperial planet in its last days after all.

Also, there's one more negative side of leveling there. If you first went through the planet storyline with your republic character, then it would be quite unpleasant to do the same on your imp, ruining your own progress that was achived with some hard effort. Same goes for Balmorra and Corellia (the latter was just ridiculous, i was so pissed to undo everything i've achieved on my SI while leveling there on JK).

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12.02.2012 , 05:08 AM | #25
You could say it grew on me, and that would be a fair description.
I remember my first time there, I didnt like it much, but after getting to know the lay of the land and flow of the missions, I actually quite like it now, and would rate it much higher than any of the city type worlds(coruscant/shadda/corellia) I cannot stand these, and hate them more, the more I play them.
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Tatooine is my favourite, but again, I wasnt too fond of it on my first run through.

A few important things to note, my last 4 or 5 toons, Ive used the legacy perk to get the speeder at level 10, and this is really a game changer, also, Taris and Balmorra come up a lot in these types of threads on different factions because they sit in opposing level zones, for imperial, you'll be walking on balmorra, where as you'll be close to level-2 speeder on republic, and its the same for Taris, walking with republic, and close to lvl-2 speeder on imperial, so feedback on these planets, even though they are virtually identical will be different because of the speeder or lack of.
Also, these are the first "big" planets both factions are put into, and it shows, as after you leave these, you will see a sharp drop off of player numbers.
I remember vividly, my first republic toon and coming to Balmorra, which I really disliked on the imperial side(this was before the legacy patch) and just how different it felt because of the speeder, I was like, wow! this is not bad at all.

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12.02.2012 , 05:24 PM | #26
mine is a quick answer :no
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12.02.2012 , 10:59 PM | #27
hell no!
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12.03.2012 , 03:25 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by MonsterBike View Post
I'm not a massive fan of Taris but it's OK. I think you can just change you statement to Commando story: ... meh meaning the Commando story being the most dull and lifeless writing in the game.
Hold Your horses! I've enjoyed most of Comando story and aspecially THE End of it (hand shake and medals than get your butt out of here)

Accourding to other toons: Jedi and Sage - moste dull story line ever and Taris is even worst with them.

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12.03.2012 , 08:55 AM | #29
I think the Republic version of Taris is more interesting than the Empire version because it relates to KOTOR but generally it's pretty cool. It's got decent heroics and the landscape looks crazy. My favorite planet is actually Dromund Kaas, even though it's a newbie planet the setting there is awesome.
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12.03.2012 , 12:43 PM | #30
Taris is most enjoyable the first time and when you have not been there in months.
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