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Zero reason to play gsf - need "ground" incentive and LEGACY based requisition

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Zero reason to play gsf - need "ground" incentive and LEGACY based requisition

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05.15.2018 , 02:59 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Lendul View Post
I defend GSF...and now let's have a show of hands from the people that have been farmed by Lendul.

I understand making generalized all-encompassing remarks is easier, but it is also mentally lazy and disingenuous.

To speak to your analysis on WZ vs GSF rates. WZ only accrue points faster due to increased pops. Pops being equal, GSF gives more points and the games are faster. Following your logic, in a desert, sand is superior to water due to increased availability.
His analysis missed the part where GSF had completely different mechanics from the ground game, which makes the learning curve that much steeper and more painful.

The reward/time ratio favors GSF, but the reward/effort ratio... doesn't.

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05.21.2018 , 02:26 PM | #22
It gives a good amount of CP and credits, plus I think it's fun.
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05.25.2018 , 07:03 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Alec_Fortescue View Post
Stop charging CC for easier leveling up. It's tedious enough. Nobody wants to play GSF for many reasons. It's too grindy and there is absolutely no reward for doing it. ;l
If you spend less time posting on forums and more playing GSF you would have mastered 4 ships already!

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06.15.2018 , 06:49 PM | #24
GSF isnt for the faint of heart. It never has been. Ground pvpers come and play gsf and announce gsf sucks because they dont know how to do it the first time or two out.

You got to play. Your skill level will certainly be slower than the time ti takes to master your ships.

There are people that have played for years and are only average at best. Its not a bad thing, its just that some people are better at things.

You will not be a major factor in gsf overnight. Put in some time, learn what you could do better after each match and build on that knowledge. Instead of, damn, i sucked and hang your head. Ask veterans for advice, ship builds, etc.

Do not hang your head and pronounce 'zero reason to play gsf'. Do it because it is a challenge

Because i can tell you first hand, it gets frustrating sometimes. But, when that GSF switch flips on in your head, you will have a great time.
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06.28.2018 , 01:08 PM | #25
Quote: Originally Posted by philwil View Post
Do not hang your head and pronounce 'zero reason to play gsf'. Do it because it is a challenge
Do it because if you don't, we won't have anyone to spawn camp.

To be fair, that may not be something you do personally, but I've been in too many matches to count where the dominant team is spawn camping the weaker team (or triple capping, on DM). There is no challenge there. It happens all too often, like in the match I backfilled today where veteran players like Capernica (Imp) are spawn camping a bunch of new players in unmastered ships who were subsequently quitting the match. Do you honestly believe this encourages anyone to continue playing GSF? That the players on the receiving end of that said to themselves, we need to hold our heads up? Don't delude yourselves.

I will concede that after 5.9.2, GSF matches may improve, but it remains to be seen.
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07.06.2018 , 06:36 PM | #26
If you have been around awhile, you know its a keep playing if you were just getting into it after it had been out some time.

Yeah, i do not like being spawn camped, so naturally I do not. I dont like bomber spam either, because its an easy way to victory against noobish teams that dont know how to fight it.

There is not a thing I can do in any circumstance to prevent those things, because people will do what they want.

And, i know form experience, it doesnt help talking to them about it either.

I have played from day one. So, really we were all on the same level of experience back then. Most got better than me.

But, if you keep at it and learn from mistakes, you do get better.

I pride myself on evasive flying, because I have been chased by the best there is in gsf, and killed many times over. So, my defensive skills bloomed before my offensive skills had.

Yeah, i see where you are coming from. Considering that has been one of my pet peeves since they took turrets away from spawns in TDM.
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08.03.2018 , 10:11 PM | #27
Maybe, for conquest, they can put more "get X medal" in the objective list. Damage medal, kill medal, assist medal, repair medal, sat medal. Maybe also make one for "ate X powerups" in TDM in place of objectives (maybe 2-3).

Maybe also "MVP in X category." We know there exists a way to check for MVP, because it's in achievements.