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Posting this here because it matters to those here.

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Posting this here because it matters to those here.

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05.29.2019 , 09:00 AM | #41
I find games do reward me, if they did not I'd not play them.

Now, perhaps some of the pixel rewards BW dangles from ranked doesn't become the major motivator to participate for some, but for the majority these rewards do allure many to play ranked. But, that's not the only rewards offered...

I can see how people might say that they only play for the fun of the game, and not specific rewards, but when I play, the experience is the reward and that is sometimes far more enticing than any pixel reward.

The fighting in the WZ, the very unique battle we may have in the WZ and the fun a good battle can create are in my mind direct results of PVPing and these results are actual rewards for me.

If the fights were constantly awful, never enjoyable, never offered unique situations that couldn't be found anywhere else, basically if PVP offered no rewards of any kind I personally would not play.

So in a nutshell, I think it's important to give the word "rewards" some context here.

I agree I need no special pretty pixel rewards from contests to want to play, however I do feel rewarded in other ways which is why I continue to play SWTOR. When it reaches a point I feel like I am not being rewarded for my time, and the game is no longer fun I stop playing it/take a break.
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