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Personal Ship SH

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07.16.2019 , 11:05 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Xina_LA View Post
Thanks. I would absolutely love to figure this one out. We were all excited about touring each other's ships back before we had toons of every class and just couldn't make it happen. Maybe it's tied to whether or not the class story is completed?
For different classes: I tried a Smuggler with the class story finished years ago and a Consular who's still only on (Pub) Taris, and it was no problem if the Smuggler went in first. The phase wall on the Fleet Smuggler hangar went blue for the Consular after the Smuggler went in.

For the same class: Two Consulars, one with the story long since complete and one (the same one as above) who's on Pub Taris. Again, no problem. Both have to have "Allow Access to Same Class/Personal Phases" turned on, and then whoever's first to go through the phase wall gets a prompt to create her (or his) own instance or join the other's instance, and if you create, the other will be asked to join his (or her) instance or the instance belonging to the other.

In both cases, once you get to the ship itself, I recommend that the owner goes first, and the non-owner(s) will get a message that he/she/they are being transferred to the instance owner's ship, and bingo, it's done.

There are a few oddities surrounding leaving the ship, and I didn't try with an ops group, but it *does* work.
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07.17.2019 , 11:35 AM | #12
Thanks! We'll give that a try.
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08.12.2019 , 05:54 PM | #13
Plus one for a Stronghold like personal ship with hooks. I´d be so awesome!

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08.12.2019 , 06:00 PM | #14
You can use the ship in the Rishi SH as a ship. Since you can set your entry point as the ship, you will port in right there. I am using that as my “legacy Starship”. I would like to have a real ship though.