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Stronghold Decorating Ideas

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06.19.2017 , 11:19 PM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by Mongorr View Post
Placing a cantina bar cabinet so far into the wall that the back vanishes, then placing two small trophys behind it gives a nice backlighting for the cabinet.
Oh, I'm gonna have to try this!

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06.21.2017 , 03:12 PM | #12
The new game table is already available in the cartel market deco packs, so I was lucky enough to get one already. It is an amazing holo D&D/strategy game table with game master utensils. Here are two short ideas, you can embed a lot of stuff in that table:

- Use a memorial holoprojector, so that the game master also has a big holo portrait. In this case my game master is the pureblood Sith lord and the holo the Sith warrior memorial. If you put Vette, Guss Tono and Veeroa Denz as players you even have the corresponding players to the holos on the table.

- Place a small holo table inside the game table. now it looks as if it's someone's turn on the blue side and he is choosing which piece to place.

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06.24.2017 , 03:21 PM | #13
One of my favorite combos is to place a Revanite Vindicator (I think thats the one that paces back and forth) inside a Bounty Holding Cell. His step distance is perfect for the confines of the cell. Place a couple of Republic or Imperial guards around for atmosphere.
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02.17.2018 , 10:22 AM | #14
This thread gave me a lot of ideas back then. I just wanted to share some more combinations. Some have been mentioned by me or others already in the thread.

You can scroll through the whole album here:
or just click on the individual links.

Combining two or more of the same deco:

There are numerous ways to arrange the small wall trophies in interesting shapes. But even dropping one floor deco on top of each other and turning them can give some interesting results.

For example:
Oriconian Torch
Oriconian Brazier
Plants like:
Tropical Copero Palm
Rishi Tree Blue
Sometimes the effect is not big but it can help to provide a little variation

Holo Sign: Rotworm Logo is quite suitable to be used in pairs.
Like this or this.

Dropping a Holographic Tree (blue) on top of a Holographic Tree (green) provides a more colourful holographic tree.

Using decos as "backlighting" for Cantina Bar Cabinets:
If you move the cabinet so the back vanishes inside the wall, you can either let trophies shine through or you use Holo Sign: Pirate Grog.

Then there are decos which enhance the effect of other decos when dropped inside.

A Small Holo Table inside a Dejarik Table.

A Hex Light Blue or Wall vents inside a Carbonite Bounty Wall Deco to make it "ooze" some cold.

The Zakuulan Oval Table is very suitable for stuff being placed inside, so it appears on the tabletop. In this case I used the Luxury Cafe Table and a Noxious Fern.

A Zakuulan Prototype Medical Probe on top of a Hospital Bed.

Planetary Holoprojector on top of a Shielded Data Core.

The Hypergate Irregularity works well imho with some other decos.
Try an Oriconian Brazier or a Yavin Floor Lamp.

It also looks nice inside a Lightsaber Forge.

If you move a Copero Wall Fountain to the bottom, you can enhance it with Decos like the Life Day Pedestal.

Dropping some small decos inside of tables works well, even if their base is visible. Like these Hologram Flags inside an Imperial Worktable or these Planetary Displays inside a Bounty Table.

The Game Table can be enhanced. Drop some of the ship model pets inside to provide the players with some tokens and the Zakuulan Force Focus for a visible "dice".

You can also drop a Memorial Holoprojector in the vicinity to provide your "dungeon master" with a holo portrait of his own (fits well with the player holos).

The Zakuulan Arbor Arrangement can be spruced up with plants, although the visible pots might spoil it a bit.

Combining Holo Signs like Champagne Glasses with a Gree Wall Panel.
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03.29.2018 , 09:02 AM | #15
I was decorating my Nar Shaddaa stronghold last night and came up (EDIT: or at least I thought I did ) with a pretty neat idea for adding some flair to your standard Carbonite Bounty wall decos.

Split the wall into 2 medium hooks and then place your Carbonite Bounty on the upper hook and drag it all the way down so that it's in the middle of the wall. Then place a Star Fortress Wall Vent on the lower hook and drag it all the way up. It's important to use the Star Fortress vents because they alternate side to side with the vent blasts and don't stay on all the time like the Industrial vent or the life-day AC unit... plus they're cheap and easy to get!

Once you've got the units placed the vent will be perfectly aligned with the 2 slots on either side of the Carbonite Bounty and give off a blast of air which I think is pretty neat. I'll try and get some pictures and video up later.

EDIT: Clearly need to reread this post as Mongorr posted this idea already! Good work sir, some of those ideas are great!

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03.29.2018 , 04:06 PM | #16
Fantastic ideas and great combinations, I love them! One of my favs is on Yavin, using the scaffold lighting and rotating it 90 degrees to act as a 'security scanner' on each side of the temple doorways.

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04.05.2018 , 03:10 PM | #17
I created a nice room divider/fancy library archives by combining the prefab arches with tech walls. I used them in the big room upstairs on Coruscant. The front of the tech walls are on one side, but on the back side the library archives are combined to make the whole thing look really nice. This does take some hook juggling but the finished result is worth it.

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05.30.2018 , 06:09 AM | #18
Not sure if someone already mentioned it, but I'd love some more usable decorations. For example, a console from the Fearsome Rage regen item, or interactable dark side Meditation Chamber would be awesome! As of now, I feel that most decos are too static.
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