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Turbelagos' Strongholds!

Turbelagos's Avatar

06.08.2018 , 09:06 AM | #1
Decorating strongholds has always been a big part of what I do in this game, so I've finally decided to post them! I've put a lot of thought into each stronghold, and each has its own story behind them, so feel free to give it a look and comment on them, tell me what you think, I'll always appreciate some feedback and advice!

My Personal Strongholds:
Darth Ararrat's Temple of Darkness (Yavin 4 Temple)
Charenna's Lair of Shadows (Kaas City Apartment)
Darius Husk's Imperial Sanctuary (Manaan Retreat)
Pribnow's Vacation Retreat (Nar Shaddaa Sky Palace)

Guild Flagship (Harrower-Class Imperial Dreadnaught):
The Adjudicator (Part I)
The Adjudicator (Part II)

EHKodiak's Avatar

06.09.2018 , 08:04 AM | #2
Great stuff, like the war camp on Yavin

Good usage of the giant Hutt in carbonite too, I could never find somewhere useful for him. I also have the green carpet and the chandeliers in that opening section of Nar Shaddaa, except mine is set up like a hotel reception.

Insides on Manaan I can never get right, and they're my least favourite of everyones I think.