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Missing Strongholds since returning (had decorations in them)

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Missing Strongholds since returning (had decorations in them)

SWGguy's Avatar

03.12.2018 , 02:36 PM | #1
so I am missing the Republic SH Coruscant Apartments. I bought that first day it came out and I filled it with decorations. and now it is gone! I only have 3 showing up. Kaas/Nar/Tatooine and I swear I had another one aswell idr which one. I just came back and noticed it wasn't there. no arrow and it isn't deactivated. I just want my decorations back!

anyone else have/had this issue?

also my acheivments and datacrons are messed up...for example..Taris says I collected all of the datacrons in the achievement both pub and imp. but the collection for the datacrons for legacy stats says I do not. I collected some of them again but it seems it didn't update or something happened when the servers were merged.

can a Dev look into this please?