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[Shadowlands] Republic Premades for GSF

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[Shadowlands] Republic Premades for GSF

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10.01.2014 , 08:01 PM | #31
I said Good Day SIr!

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10.02.2014 , 10:34 AM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by Fractalsponge View Post
Really guys? Get it together or stop whining. If pubside gets a group together, then we'll fight it out in match. Otherwise, stop pretending anyone cares that your feelings are hurt; imperial side went through worse when everyone was solo queuing for the first 3 months of gsf.

Everyone has a standing invite to queue with me imperial side. Except for the worthless print screen abusers. We know who you are.
Eh, I'd guess most of the complaints are from solo queueing and not knowing who you'll end up with when you all are queueing up in a group. I was a bit "yay, this will be fun," last night when I solo queued and saw your group on the other side (some others on the team said the same), but we actually had an even match, so it was fun. I would have been fine losing 48-50 (rather than it being the other way around), because both sides were going all out.

But the problem is still not knowing who your teammates are going to be, like one night last week when I was on Ithyrn and had a bunch of 2-3 shippers (that really were 2-3 shippers) and your side was extremely experienced. It was a fun challenge to get the few kills I had, but getting swarmed when I tried to keep the scouts busy or make the gunships move a bit did get old in that context. It's not all that different from when you complain about getting focused so much. Some things just wear on you.

I'd say this is all inevitable in any MMO. People solo queue and are at varying skill levels, so they're going to be annoyed when they get the short end of the stick for either of those. Doesn't really justify the internet rage, but... such is life. If anyone had the solution to that, the human race would be much more happy.

At any rate, let's all group up, play well, and have fun. It's just a game and we don't even have some lame season to worry about. I still was content with the few kills I got last week in that lopsided match, because I got them in a lopsided match against damn good pilots.
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