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Actually fun to play?

psandak's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 10:06 AM | #11
Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: I recently finished leveling a mercenary bounty hunter. I had a good time with it, but...

I think that one of the stumbling blocks is that the mercenary bounty hunter is a healing/dps class and the companions you get do not necessarily work well with you. Mako, your first companion, is a cunning healer, so you are almost forced into speccing DPS early on. Your next two companions are DPS types (one ranged cunning, one melee aim) and so you can switch to a healing spec at that point, but there are some hairy moments when you take on tougher encounters (significantly large groups or elites). Your last two companions are tanks (one ranged, one melee), but they are undergeared so combat slows down because they do not do a lot of damage and you spend a lot of time healing them rather than contributing to damage.

There are also the LS/DS choices - most of the DS choices are "kill everything in your way" which most of the time do not make sense and go against most of your companions' beliefs (loss of affection). That being said, I've learned not to worry about farming points because of my BH character. I just made the conversation choices I thought were right based on the personality I gave the character (mostly LS btw)

The class story is very good although there are some sections that drag a little. IMO very similar to the smuggler class story.

All-in-all I like the class, I liked the story (once I played the character focusing on the character and not points farming (LS/DS and affection).

yoomazir's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 11:11 AM | #12
meh, the amounts of interrupts you can sustain in both pve & pvp makes me cringe for this class sometimes.

Marshal_Ney's Avatar

02.05.2013 , 11:35 PM | #13
I fear that with the upcoming patch might get things worser for us
Especially for Arsenal Mercenaries
I just hope that i'm wrong,but it seems that they keep nerfing us.
It seems that this is a kind of BH destiny,back in SWG the BH had a big nerf as well.
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