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Starting a CM at my son's request - help requested

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Starting a CM at my son's request - help requested

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02.20.2013 , 11:55 AM | #11
I have been a long time commando medic. It is perfectly fine for leveling up. CM's still have decent DPS and if you keep your gear current to your level it has decent survivabity. You would be best to level up as medic if that's what you want to be so that you are learning your skills and what you can and can't do well.

Commandos have excellent AOEs so I would usually send in my companion and then AOE the whole group when they clustered around the companion. With ranged enemies you will have to be more creative with your AOE positioning or you could LOS them to get them to cluster. When facing gold stars I would usually CC them then try to pull the others away to AOE. Your CC is priceless while leveling up, use it religiously.

You don't get a tank companion till the droid (name escapes me ATM.), so Jorgan will sufice or you can use Dorne to heal you while you tank/DPS. Dorne is nice for the extra CC she has but she does little in the way of damage and you can easily be overwhelmed by multiple enemies. Sending your companion into harms way while you heal and AOE,etc is still the best and fastest method.

Don't forget to do FPs on a regular basis so you get more used to the true healing role in a group.

Lastly Learn good ammo management. Watch the 4 arrows next to your ammo bar. This is good >>>>, this is not >...

CMs are a fun class for PVE, but prepare to be somewhat frustrated in PVP as commandos are a hard class to master in PVP and most other players are aware of this.

One thing I would add is that commando is an easy class to respec in from CM to gunnery as you are only trading a few skills. If you keep a few pieces of armor to swap that have accuracy on them the res of your gear with Crit/Pow/Surg will serve equally well for both specs. So this is one class that you can be a healer and DPS with a quick respec that does not require a steep learning curve or a major gear swap.
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