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The weird people you meet in Group Finder.

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02.12.2019 , 02:02 AM | #9601
I've been creeping this thread since juggernauts with aim pieces on were still a thing. Figured I'd contribute:

1. Lost Island HM: The Ministry of Silly tactics forms
I queue on my merc healer(unaugmented 230s, but hey! I'm sure it will be fine). Immediately get a pop. Zone in to Lost Island with 3 players geared up to their nose: 252 jugg tank, 252 assassin dps, 246 marauder. Obviously everyone's done this before. Obviously. Nothing to worry about. We breeze past everything up to the droid; at which point our tank takes charge of the proceedings by quickly kiting the droid around the room, while the two dps religiously drop their thunder circles wherever convenient, ignoring the adds and breaking LoS with me every chance they get. Interrupt the incinerate? HA! That's why god gave healers a short cooldown on cleanse. Tank dies when the boss is at around 45%. By the time I got off my combat rez, the marauder has melted and the Sin has gone into stealth leaving me with the aggro. We die. This is the conversation that went down after:
H(me): Tank, why do you keep running around the room?
T: To avoid circles.
H: Ok, but you're not really getting any circles and because 75% of the group is melee you're making it difficult for the dps know, do damage.
T: That's how I always tank this boss.
H: Fair enough, but it's clearly not working in this particular situation, can we maybe try a different tactic.(you know the one)
T:Just keep me alive.
Wellp, we ran back in. And we ran around the room at least 3 times. The boss died, while probably thinking that this was the weirdest encounter he's had in ages.

Onward to Sav-Rak.
First try: First Sav-Rak smash, assassin decides to test if force cloak can save him from the punt. It does not. He lets us know in chat that he thought it would work, I internally question my life-choices.
Second try: We survive the smash, he jumps up to the pipes, they all spread out to the consoles. I notice only the marauder is channeling his. I politely inquire why in the glory of satan isn't everyone channeling theirs. As I'm furiously typing, someone dies. My bad. I apologize and kindly ask everyone to just channel it rather than try to impress everyone with their strategic timing of the channel. I get told to heal more, talk less; which in that particular circumstance was a fair point.
Third try: We down him after what felt like a million smashes and pipe juggling.

It was at this point that I had a flashback to the start of the flashpoint:
T: are we doing bonus?
D1: sure
D2:yea, why not
H:yeah I'm down(oh how young and naive I was).
I notice that they're religiously doing the consoles, so there's no chance for me to go "damn, guys, we missed one, maybe next time!". On to the disgusting popsicle it is.
First try: Everything seems fine until the stalactites(or whatever) start raining down on us, at which point, holy mother of predation and force speed do the bolt. Which is a bold strategy that worked, in that they took no damage. It was also an idiotic strategy because they also did 0 damage to the boss in that phase and all the subsequent falling phases until the boss enraged and wiped us.
Second try: I humbly suggest that I don't have either the ability or the gear to heal through more than 20 seconds of enrage and that, for the sake of everyone's repair bill they might want to consider running around the boss and throwing an ability or two his way, seeing as how they're all instantly cast. To everyone's surprise, it worked, the popsicle died(as did a bit of my soul) and we were off to our appointment with Dr Lorrick.

First try: Tank standing in circles? Check. DPS eating satchel charges? Check. When Lorrick would disappear and the kolto tank became attackable, only the Sin would bash it, while our glorious huggernaut would stand there looking menacing. 5 tanks in, we push him to the flaming rakghoul phase. Tank proceeds to get stunned, dies. Demands rezz as I'm trying to get enough distance from the flamers. Gets rezzed. Force-leaps to a burning rakghoul. Dies.
T(our resident scholar): I'm sorry but we don't have the necessary healing to beat this fight.
H: (x) Doubt
T: -disconnects-
D2(sin): queue us again, we got this.
I figured I'd already wasted what felt like a decade of my life(only 90 minutes in realtime) so why the hell not. We queued. We got a level 52 jugg tank and a fresh 70 sorc in 167 gear. We went over tactics before the pull and we managed to down him in 2 tries.

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02.12.2019 , 10:11 AM | #9602
Four small adventures for this week.

#1 Traitor Among the Chiss: Actually had a good looking group; all lvl 70 with a tank, 2x dps, and a healer. The tank and other DPS left right away. Re-qued us and waited a few minutes then myself and the healer decided to just bring out our comps and make our way in a bit while we waited.

We didn't get far before two new people joined. One of which was a 47 shadow, we tried getting him to stealth to the first boss but he had no idea what we were talking about. No problem, the mara that joined with him was geared and while I am not great my jugg isn't that much of a slouch and we make it to the droid. We wipe the walls with the droid and go on to the next boss, midway through the shadow finally realizes he can stealth and decides to just do that and not bother coming out to help out... We punted him after the boss for being useless and went on to finish with a companion in his spot.

#2 Depths of Manaan: This time on my Pyrotech. 2x 70's and 2x 50's, all DPS. Three of us are saying "Skip" during the dialogue, the 4th is trying to talk in guild chat but doesn't seem to understand that he has to change to that channel instead of talking in group..

Get to the final boss and the fight is going slowly... The fire jet comes out and I run over to it.. Everyone else stays on the boss. I taunt the boss so he comes over and the other 70 yells at me for drawing him away from him. Boss's sheild comes down and we start finally doing some real damage. Next little jet of fire comes up and I again head towards it, nobody else does. I taunt the boss again and again the other 70 (who is the only other one who had done this FP before) yells again for dragging the boss away. This time we put him down but before we get to the cut scene he starts a vote kick on me for "not following orders"... Thankfully the other two were smart enough to realize the only time they did any real damage on the boss was when I dragged him.

#3 Again with Depths of Manaan: Lost a member midway through; replaced with companion and requed. Didn't get anyone to join until the final boss was around 15%, by the time he was fully loaded in we had just killed the boss.

He then quit because someone in the group wasn't skipping the dialogue.

And finally #4: Boarding Party. Had a guy quit so we were going to replace him with a comp. Got into an argument with one over who's companion was better. Mine (who is at 50) or his who is only at 22 but he (being the player) was geared better than me so somehow that makes his companion better?

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Today , 04:48 AM | #9603
Quote: Originally Posted by Syroe View Post
1. Lost Island HM: The Ministry of Silly tactics forms
I enjoyed reading this so much I'm kinda torn: Do I want you to have more of those kinda runs to write about here or rather more luck with pugs?

Had a notable Lost Island HM run on Sunday myself, though we didn't get to finish this one (I had to admit defeat).
Take a tank who is doing his best, but a bit rusty after a two year break, and a Sentinel who had never been in LI before. In fact, he'd been playing SWTOR since seven days and the only other FP he'd ever seen was Black Talon. Jumping right into LI HM was enthusiastic, to say the least, and went as well as expected. Especially since he didn't tell us from the start.
I was the healer (replacement for a lvl 55 they kicked) and the other dps, a Shadow, knew what he was doing. Didn't help much though as the Sent placed the voids just about everywhere and neither he nor the tank moved out of them. Second try with tactics explained and the Sent, careful not to camp in voids, was running about aimlessly most of the time. Enrage. Not sure how, but a few tries later we managed to down the boss and move on to the next. I had a bad feeling.
We assigned consoles, explained tactics, off we went: The Sav-Rak smashed two times before jumping which already isn't a good sign. Instead of clicking the Sent danced around the tank and managed to fall off the platform. As he didn't die I tried to pull him up, but miscalculated the Sav-Rak's next smash. Wipe. The Shadow left us there, the replacement was a well geared Commando. My optimism didn't last long though.
Because he was the first one to die to the smash, while the Sent at least knew how to click the console after the jump. I saw five smashes in a row that day. My last straw was, after a few more tries, the Commando dying to smash again and the Sent, for no good reason, blade blitzing off the platform.
What do we do, panic, freak? I usually panic but I'm happy to freak.