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<Starshadow Coalition> - a new guild for new and returning players

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<Starshadow Coalition> - a new guild for new and returning players

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06.29.2020 , 09:46 AM | #31
Quote: Originally Posted by RobynnHood View Post
Sounds like you guys are just what I'm looking for I played hardcore at launch for a couple years in a high end raiding guild but quit the game. ALOT of changes here since my long hiatus, still trying to wrap my head around it all. My teenage son wanted to get into playing so we started from scratch with a new account. He plays on Star Forge and I play here. Have a 60 'slinger on the pub side I'm leveling up named Aish Stormskye; still working through the story and not started any expansions yet. Plan on leveling alts from each class, but one at a time Live on the east coast but work nights so am up all night, so PST works great for me. Playtime is Mon - Thurs, as I work Fri-Sun. Look forward to hearing from you guys
Hey there Aish! We'll try to keep an eye out for you in the evenings this week

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07.01.2020 , 08:35 AM | #32
Returning player...

Do you have an active voice comms for your Fleet? If yes, is it active just for special grouping nights, or are there actual people using it during general game play?

I'm not big on typing while playing, so I prefer voice chat over text chat...



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07.01.2020 , 11:45 PM | #33
TL/DR Old fart looking for other old farts to play with late at night mid-week. This is the first post I saw that seems like a good fit. Only issue might be the time I play as I play late at night mid-week in CST.

Heres the long of it

Returning player here looking for friendly, active, old farts to game with. Just came back to the game after being away a few years. Im a subscriber. Im a casual player (Usually at least twice a week, late at night between Mondays-Wednesdays in CST), fun, friendly, mature, twisted, stupid, fat, handsome. Im a weird mix. I don't do well with schedules. I have a lot of real-life stuff (Kids, Wife, Work, Sinister Plots, etc), and other hobbies (Reading, Eating, Board Games, P&P RPGs, Miniature Games, Other PC games, blah, blah, blah...). I'm a nice guy, and I can be goofy, or serious depending on my mood. I'm old (Like over 50 old.). I can take orders when necessary for raids, dungeons, etc ... but I play my character the way I want to (as in, I'm all for good advice, but I'm not gonna spec my guy out the way others say I NEED to.) Sometimes I just want to goof around. I get along with most people. I'm tolerant, and open to diversity, and all that crap. I'm looking for a casual, fun, friendly, helpful group of players to become friends with as we play. The whole point of MMOs is to play with others, so that's why I'm here. I do solo sometimes, but running with a group is usually more fun and I miss my old MMO days. I have a weird schedule as I am a day sleeper who works night shift with my days off midweek Mon-Wed in central time zone. I have a few different characters (some new, some my old ones), so far they are all Imps. My highest is a lvl 52 sniper. Got a 23 Assassin, a 33 Jugg and some low levels. Been playing my new lowbees to refresh myself with the game and see whats new, plus Im not sure about all the game changes and whether I have to adjust my old toons or not. Not opposed to playing Repub characters, I just dont have any yet. Never tried roleplaying in an online MMO, but might give it a shot. Id really like to dedicate regular time to this game if I can find the right people to play with. Not sure what else to say here. I am a weirdo.

Okay, I love you ... bye bye.

Here are my toons and their names.

Entropy Reigns lvl/15 Sorcerer (Playing this one since my return yesterday.)
Lextaliones lvl/33 Juggernaught
Dpraved lvl/52 Sniper
Quoxx- lvl/1 Operative
Trissk lvl/9 Powetech
Kaleeva -lvl/23 Assassin

Also .. if anyone here is interested in shooting me a message and maybe playing together, dont be shy.
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