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07.04.2020 , 11:06 AM | #1
Hi . it might be a simple thing but I get confuse on idem colors , what should I choose , green or blue idem , meaning armur ,weapons . boots etc...

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07.04.2020 , 12:03 PM | #2
It's the system first(?) introduced by Diablo 1 in the mid 90's, adopted by WoW, and copied by most mmos, and many single player RPGs since then. It's been used for so long, devs no longer bother to explain it:

Grey = junk
White = common
Green = uncommon / improved
Blue = rare / masterwork
Purple = epic / artifact
Gold = legendary

In the end it depends on the item level/rating. While leveling, the difference between each tier is about 2 levels (i.e. a blue level 40 item has about the same stats as a green level 42 item, but can be used 2 levels earlier).

At max level, you automatically work your way up from green to gold, as you increase your item rating, but when BW adds a new tier of gear, you usually start with the new blue gear having the same stats as the old golden items.

Judging what gear is better is a lot easier in 6.0: When an item in your inventory is better than the one you have equipped, the character button in the main menu will blink yellow, and there's a green arrow over the better item.
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07.05.2020 , 08:31 AM | #3
hi. thanks for the answer . If I understand green is strong them blue , for a comando I guess I need strong stamina . what about talent like WOW , those it excist in SWTOR as well? like PVE