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Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress

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05.18.2019 , 08:43 AM | #11
Quote: Originally Posted by lightningseven View Post
SAME! Especially the DARK BRUNETTE with VERY, VERY LONG STRAIGHT or wavy hair, tall, DEEP BLUE EYES .... sigh

Everything the OP said ... but now i sound creepy like i want his wife (I really don't lol)

but yes I'll take 3 as well.
I've been VERY fortunate. We celebrate 45 years of marriage on the 23rd of this month ! She's one of a kind. And ...(get this) ... even cooks an old fashion honest to goodness breakfast (bacon and eggs... coffee and toast) on the weekends !!

And YES I have a "little something" from a local well known Jewlry store that she knows nothing about already here at home.

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05.18.2019 , 09:54 PM | #12
Quote: Originally Posted by OlBuzzard View Post
ROFL ... I was hoping that someone from the "team" might jump in and offer a suggestion !

But that's probably not going to happen !
(RATS !)

Oh.. the zipper thing .. that might be a tad over the top ! But for some probably about right !

See if you can find some of the original Black Widow concepts that were done. There were some that were just totally awsome.

ALSO: Please note I would expect BW to totally do their own thing ... just using some of these as guidelines / suggestions.

Edit Final note:
Hey bud.. the comment on messing with another mans wife ?? Really ?? Not good !!!

Sorry ! I'm a bit old fashioned about that sort of thing !
Hands OFF !!
For whatever it's worth though I do appreciate your input on the rest of the forums.. I do get around and read it a lot !
Okay, I think I got it right this time [as unlikely as that seems =p]...

So how bout this one.....BaMB!

Close up -

I would like you to at least take a look a slightly alternate version, while the other one is quite nice, I'm not real big on leaving things like this to 'your imagination'. I'm not that creative and additionally, I'm a total heathen. [This one's killer! I'd be willing to shave off a few years of life to get my hands on her.]

Sorry about the whole not being all that big on not coveting my neighbor's wife. She's just so damn hot.

I'm of a different generation than you, when you got married I wasn't even born yet heh.

I know from reading your posts [even when I'm banned I read the boards everyday, and yes, it's frustrating as hell. 3 days or 1 week, I can do that standing on my head, the 3 monthers tho are killer. I read all your posts so I know you more of a 'straight laced' kinda guy, and I say that with respect. 'Old fashioned', so I'm kinda just playing off that is all.

I have an off-beat sense of humor, I mean no offense by it tho. I'm mostly just playing. [But I'm not about my neighbor's wife, she's as Hot as a baker and I'd be willing to give up a couple of the more less important fingers to covet her all night long.]

In my own defense, that's not really considered a bad personality trait among heathens. I'm hoping there's not a lot of Fire in my 'future'. I'm a winter kinda guy and eternity is a really long friggen amount of time

I enjoy your posts as well. The forums wouldn't be the forums without you. You're a true Star Wars fan.

Keep it coming!

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05.21.2019 , 09:30 AM | #13
Wellll ... Those are still a tad over the top.

In fact the truth is if we focus too much on the whole black widow thing we loose sight of what is really needed.

I tried a couple of links before posting this ... but managed to mess it up and some how can't get it to work ... BUT... there is a really nice picture done by an artist who goes by the name SilentArmageddon. He has done a REALLY nice job on a female Jedi Knight. I think you can Google it .. look for Female Jedi v2 by SilentArmageddon. I know it's on Pintrest. I also know that there are several others out there:
** some very conservative
** some that are more moderate
** some that are sort of sexy without being explicit (this is what I think most players would prefer to see )
** out right explicit
** out of control

And Yes .... I have a pretty good idea what some would prefer ! Sooo let's not turn this thread into something that would have to be edited or deleted ... Please ! (Thank You )

Oh ... on a side note. I designed and hand crafted a RL outfit for my wife that was based on the concept by SilentArmageddon... only in black leather instead of brown. We also designed and made a gray robe with a really nice long hood for her as well. The hood reached all the way to the very bottom of her back. She could put the hood in place without the end (or the point) of the hood even moving. Mine was more of a traditional Obi Wan style. And yes we both wore them this past Halloween. It was great FUN !!

EDIT: OH !! also. Once I hammer out a few details I will compile a final draft to be incorporated with the thread " Legacy". Two ideas are beginning to merge as one... Kind of interesting really !

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05.22.2019 , 07:26 AM | #14
I think I have figured it out !

Item one. The outfit we used as concept for my wifes outfit we described earlier. ALSO I like the design concept here. Yes... It needs to be black leather.

And of course the Black Widow.

And I found this as well. Note the difference in the detail...

OH ! And just for a lighter side note. This does not have to be from the "dark side".

To quote Kira:
"Have you seen what the Sith are wearing ? It's like every fashion designer in the galaxie went to the dark side."

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05.23.2019 , 09:54 PM | #15
Before giving this character a name: What initial contacts or class would this woman be a companion to ? Sumggler ? Commando ? JK ? Consular ? All of those stories have been written up to and including Jedi Under Seige.

Hmmmm.. We almost need another class for this person to associate with if we go PRE-KotFE. What if this woman and the new "agent" she becomes aquainted with (later) ... are both from a related office or branch of special opperations (as a companion for the Republic new class personage) ? Or perhaps their paths only cross a few times as an unknown ? before KotFE ? And once we arrive at Iokath they are introduced as "companions" ?

Right now... where I'm going with this. This new companion has gradually taken on a lot of the dress and style of so much of the new class person I have been working on ... why not create a companion that compliments the new class "agent" .. "operative" .. ?

I'm so close to coming up with a name / class / additional specs ...

just hang in there... I'm not giving up on this just yet !

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05.28.2019 , 10:57 AM | #16
Two Options. I realized that there is a lot more time / money / resource than some might think when discussing a project like this. But I really believe that this is doable.

Option one: Additional NEW companion.
1. Background or character development [ light side only particulars for now]

** A good since of humor (like Kira )
** Witty (like Vette)
** The ajility of someone like that of a talented acrobat or ninja !
** Force sensitive (like Lana and Kira)
** The faithfullness of Lana / voice over by someone new .. (although I dearly like the voice of Lana.. very well done)
** Strong willed ... yet tempered with kindness
** Same likes as Kira and Vette ... maybe slightly different ! maybe add a couple new ones
** Dislikes would include : Bullying .. The Empire .. Mistreatment of others ... usless killing and distruction (if she can do the job knocking out an oponent ... that would be her first choice).

2. Physical build. I logged onto the game and went trough the character build (smuggler) to see what was available. I have listed the selections I made as I went through that process. I'm quite certain that BW would more than likely use what was available.
After reviewing the process I couldn't help but to feel as though a LOT of players might wish that had a number of options to choose from. That said... the following are MY choices .. there could be some extra varriations. With that in mind you will see some that are listed " as desired" ... those are some that the development team could use varriations in constructing as many as 8 to 10 different builds. But ... I will also list my preferences. (I hope this makes sense)

** Republic **
** CLASS: New ** (probably SIS related )
** Human **
** Female **
** Body choice #2 **
** Head design or style ** I chose #2 ... (13 / 16 / 18 were good to )
** Scars ** I chose NONE
** Complexion ** As desired .. but I chose #27
** Eye Color ** As desired .. I chose #8
** Cosmetics ** As desired .. I liked 2 and or 13
** Hair style ** SEVERAL were good .. #2 / 20 / 22 / 47 and 9 were all good ( to me at least)
** Hari color ** 10 / 11 (black)
** skin color ** AS desired .. but I personally liked choices between 2 - 6 IMO .. this is one where people of color should have options availabe. ( I'm not trying to be insensitive .. just suggesting options to remember others as well)

3. Class: New class probably associated with the SIS and a new class that I've been working on. It seems that the SIS has been mentioned through out the lore of SWTOR since the beginning .. I simply had not payed that close attention.

I'll be presenting more on this particular aspect in a different thread.

I just wanted to go over this from the persepctive of seeing what BW has done with most of their character builds and to see what could be done based on what was already available.

At any rate. I hope this works in taking that next step.

Thank You