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Being kicked from Ranked Solo AFK feature?

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Being kicked from Ranked Solo AFK feature?

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08.18.2020 , 10:01 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by varietasplus View Post
Never heard the winning team complaining about the other team having a bad player .
I would rather have a competitive game where all 8 players have similar skill levels and compete as hard as they can. Yes, it's "nice" to get a rating bump when a team has a player in 270 gear that gets globaled in 10 seconds, but it's not actually fun. The game needs to forbid players from queuing if they don't have a 306 iRating, and it should lock players out of queuing if they do less than a certain output for multiple games.
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08.20.2020 , 08:53 AM | #62
A player in 306 can be global if 3 or 4 players decide to focus and he may use his CDs he will be global. If the team doesn't play together, it often happens. And those who decide to kick themselves who are global have not understood the game, it is by playing and dropping that we learn.