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No Mention of Performance Problems

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No Mention of Performance Problems

alderdale's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 07:01 PM | #1
With the all the information that Bioware has release from the guild summit they have conveniently left out any mention or even acknowledged how poorly their game performs when more than 20 people are together in one place. Has anyone seen anything anywhere from the guild summit on this? Or did Bioware only publish the Q&A stuff and release info for items they could actually do something about?

For those that are thinking "I dont have any performance problems!" I'm comparing this game to other modern MMO's where you can have 50 to 100 people in one place and still pull down 60FPS with a decent rig. In SWTOR your lucky to get 15.

Im not talking about your single player experience farming NPC's on Hoth......