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Maintenance Question???

Ingrel's Avatar

03.12.2012 , 09:01 PM | #1
I am probably not the first to think this or recommend this, however, with the new Asia-Pacific servers coming online, peak gaming hours are different, simply due to the change in time-zones.
So, my question is this;

Since Australians are wide awake, just getting settled in for a night of gaming, cant the times for our maintenance be push back to begin at a much later time? Close us down at 1am AEST and run maintenance for 8 hours. I wont presume to speak for all my compatriots, but having a maintenance at 6pm is taking away many hours of game play for the majority of loyal subscribers. Considering it is on a weeknight and most people work during weekdays, this would seem a logical step to ensuring maximum game time and minimising complaints due to this.

Now considering, i understand BioWare would like all servers to go down at the same time, only to come back up at the same time, to allow for no one group of people getting to utilise new content or bug fixes before any other group, Australians, or users who desires our time-zone, now have physical server in the country, who, id imagine have tech guys working around the clock to ensure smooth running or these servers. Is it inconceivable to allow these people, to physically administer these maintenances at a time more suitable for the target demographic?

I apologise for the wall of text, i just feel strongly about us (Asia-Pacific servers' target demographic) losing the least amount of prime gaming time, when, in my opinion, is avoidable and unnecessary.

And, if possible, could i get a DEV response to this please? Or if someone else has a link answering my wall of text, that too, would be greatly appreciated!