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H2 Star Fortress by Oneself

esomxummills's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 03:40 PM | #1
What's the best way to do a Heroic 2 Star Fortress by yourself? My jk, con, and sith warrior all have 246 level equipment and my companion with the highest influence is Lana Beniko at 50 but once I get into the room where the bad guys swarm I'm killed within moments. I always have my companion set to heal (I loose health to easily without it), my valor is 15, 17, and 17, an I have tier 2 endurance and mastery relics on them (one of each on each). Is their another companion that if I cap them at 50 will do better and help me complete all 6 sf's or is there a more guaranteed way to go about it?



PS Hylo, Aygo, Og, Sana, all have max influence and I've recruited everyone but Lokin.

iFenris's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 04:01 PM | #2
With that gear level and companion you should be able to complete the Vet Star Fortresses solo, well that all depends on how well you know those classes. The first room you enter should be pretty easy, just make sure you don't aggro everyone just the first lot as there are(sometimes) some further back that are apart of a "separate group".

For Warrior/Sent, make sure you have quick access to your DCDs, like Undying Rage(Guarded by the Force) Saber Ward along with the utility that gives subtle self heals.

For Consular/Inquisitor, I don't know much, but (de?)reflection is your best friend here, along with the Utility which I cannot remember the name but I think it's got something in it about reflecting the damage back onto attackers(50% for a dps spec and 100% for a tank spec), but it's in the last catagory. (edit) Oh and there is another utility that turns force speed into a DCD for 3 seconds mitigating 100% damage.

Also bring Med Packs, don't always rely on your companion. Oh and also to note, you have to summon your companion everytime you use the elevator, stupid bug that hasn't been fixed, also do not forget to use the bolster offered right at the start, it really helps HP wise. (Unless you're going for the hidden achievment of not using any Alliance Specialist perks and no Bolster.)

I hope this helps.

gragnongoth's Avatar

01.13.2018 , 04:28 PM | #3
A friend of mine did these when they first came out with 220 gear and an influence level 20-something companion, but he's kind of a beast. I only recently managed to start pwning the star fortresses myself and I'm just running 237 gear on a squishy hatred assassin. I've experimented with lvl 50 Lokin and Hexid, but Arcann seems to work best here for me. An influence level 50 Lana ought to be similar and able to keep you alive during the final boss level. The trick there, I've found, is to mostly ignore the mobs and adds to focus on siphoning power from the Exarch and sabotaging the consoles. The Exarch battles are all pretty much the same: not too many mechanics to figure out, just stay outside the red. If you're having trouble on that first ambush room, I recommend concentrated fire. It's just two knights and two skytroopers right? I tend to set my companion to dps, knock out the skytroopers as fast as I can, and concentrate on one knight at a time.

edit: also, look for the alliance caches. They really, really make the tougher fights not very tough.

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01.13.2018 , 04:46 PM | #4
If you're on the Star Forge server I'd be happy to run through them with you and give you some pointers.
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01.13.2018 , 09:04 PM | #5
The Voss and Nar Shaddaa ones can be trickier, because the Exarch's have a casted self-heal for which the cooldown is shorter than most class' interrupts. Sometimes this can be overcome by sheer dps, but if you can't, consider bringing a friend to alternate interrupts or switching to a discipline with more interrupts available. If that's not an option, getting your Alliance Specialist Hylo Visz to influence rank 10 will cause a device to spawn in any and all Star Fortresses that you can click on to grant a temporary ability item that includes an interrupt ... but the cooldown on this temp ability is too long for it to be used more than twice during the fight.
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randprin's Avatar

01.14.2018 , 12:57 AM | #6
1. at that ilevel you should be able to breeze through the heroic version without a problem, i do them solo with 230 ilevel and influence level 20 companion without a hitch.
2. if you're having problems, make sure you pick up the specialists items scattered around the levels, the force aoe and turret are especially useful.
3. make sure you don't fall pray to a common bug causing your healing companion to despawn between levels. it's annoying but i learned to check (and resummon) my companion each time i zone.
4. for the ephemeris room in partucular (the only place with real heavy burst), kill the non elites first (use turret to tank elites at the same time) and/or use force cube to aoe them down fast, with these 2 buffs they melt.

DawnAskham's Avatar

01.14.2018 , 09:52 AM | #7
If you aren't going for the achievement to use none of the support items (I think that was a thing - been a while) - be sure to get your alliance rank up to ten with the four support people in base and use the support items provided (they show up on an extra action bar, though you have to click objects in the early part of the instance to activate).

Also don't forget heroic moment (self heal plus some extra AOE abilities for large groups), making sure to manage your companion (a pain - but sometimes you need to put on passive to move them out of bad), managing your cooldowns (both offensive and defensive), and prioritizing targets (like most of the game - take out the low HP ones first, while using CC and stuns to minimize incoming damage from high HP enemies).