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Feedback on the Early Access implementation

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Feedback on the Early Access implementation

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12.13.2011 , 04:09 PM | #11
From a customer service perspective there's a few things does cannot be working as designed.

My background - I've spent 8 years in the call center business and have been all the way from lowly tier 1 agent, to team manager of a 20 man support team, to Service Delivery Lead for a 100 man assignment.

1 :

No email support for account related issue (Unless you /rage, then they open up). Customer are expected to contact a phone number found on the website. Please note that people living outside the US, UK, France, Germany or Spain ARE EXPECTED TO PAY INTERNATIONAL RATES WAITING 2+ HOURS IN THE PHONE QUEUE CURRENTLY!

Why isn't SWTOR support hooked up with the already established EA support? EA support has handled big launches of this size before with reasonable waiting times, 2+ hours is not reasonable - especially not when customers are expected to fork up on their phone bills for poor proces work flows the SWTOR leadership team created.


The Phone IVR when you do get through does not make alot of sense. There's too many choices, and the IVR itself does not add any value - just a higher phone bill for those of us outside the big five. First time I got through to the IVR I spent 8 minutes just finding the correct entry point because the IVR speaker speaks very slowly, and there's alot of menu points. I understand the desire to track calls, but lets be honest - it's going to be the same CSR handling all the CS stuff such as billing or account information.


The Phone IVR tells customers to go online to to get help with unlocking their accounts. However, when doing as asked your tier 1 staff will simply send a template saying that the customer has to call the hotline to get help. Which is it? - Make up your minds and see it from the customers point of view.

Overall I'd rate my support experience with the SWTOR support as quite poor. Please improve these work-flows substancially if you want to create value and customer satisfaction because you're doing it the other way around as it is now - even if this is Stress test #2 (with #3 test coming the 20th)
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12.13.2011 , 04:10 PM | #12
Minus afew kids/ immature adults this thread has some of the best discourse I've seen today. We don't need to be flaming one another we should all be on the same side! If some one says something you might not agree with then convince them they are wrong. Name calling and degrading some one just makes you look feeble minded. If you can't convince them they are wrong then be a man if they make a good point you didn't see or agree to disagree

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12.13.2011 , 05:56 PM | #13
Hi everyone,

We appreciate your feedback. However, we have a thread in place to discuss the invite and waves that this thread can continue in. Additionally, this is not in the correct forum as the Customer Service forum is not for feedback.

We ask that you please continue your discussion in this thread.

Thank you. We will close this now.