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Dak's guide to Immortal Juggernaut 4.0

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Dak's guide to Immortal Juggernaut 4.0

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05.29.2016 , 05:25 AM | #1

The Immortal discipline is an engaging and rewarding tank class to play. Juggernauts have an extensive array
of active defensive mitigations. They fall below the other two tanks classes in terms of passive mitigation, but its balanced from the options your cool downs give you. Defense is king on a juggernaut and many of your abilities enhance this further.

Important Proc's and Skills

Aegis assault - Increases your damage reduction and absorb by 3 percent and makes your "Crushing Blow" have AOE properties. Opening with this after the leap is great especially for adds.

Quake - Makes your "Smash" and "Sweeping slash" capable of causing accuracy debuffs on enemies.

Blade Barricade - Increases your defense chance by 5 percent when you use "Retaliation".

Sonic Barrier - Causes your "Force scream" to generate a shield that absorbs a moderate amount.

Defensive Slashes - Allows your "Ravage" to generate stacks that increase your defense up to 6 percent.

Lets first talk about your highest threat generating abilities. Using these early in your rotation will help you with maintaining threat.

Highest Threat Generators

Saber Reflect
Crushing Blow
Back Hand
Force Scream

Ability Analysis

Saber Reflect - When used in your opener it generates a crazy amount of threat. Using it to negate certain boss mechanics is great also.

Crushing Blow - Very important to your threat, use very early in the rotation and keep it on cool down. Buffs your damage reduction.

Retaliation - This ability is off the GCD which means you can spam it whenever it procs. It generates the important "Blade Barricade"

Force Scream - Use this to help buffer high damage attacks the moderate shield it provides is helpful.

Threat and Taunt Video


The Immortal rotation is basically priority based. Keeping your buffs and debuffs up while inserting "Retaliation" every time it procs.

Opener - (the opener is a string of abilities that you will use first, to make your Threat as high and efficient as possible) This opener allows you to have good burst.

The Opening Rotation

Force Charge
Aegis Assault + Saber Reflect
Crushing Blow
Retaliation + Smash
Force Scream
Retaliation + Backhand
Threatening Scream

Alternate Opener

Force Charge + Enrage
Crushing Blow
Retaliation + Backhand
Force Scream
Saber Reflect + Vicious Throw
Smash + Taunt
Aegis Assault
Crushing Blow
Retaliation + Force Scream
Threatening Scream

Mid Combat
During an encounter you're most important concerns are maintaining your buffs once the initial threat is secured. Using your abilities on cool down will accomplish this and supply adequate threat. Sometimes an add will spawn to ensure you can beat the other DPS in terms of threat, time your "Crushing Blow" and "Ravage" so that its ready to use on the newly spawned add.

Juggernaut Tanking Groups Video

Active Mitigation
Juggernauts have the best active mitigations in the game. They can at will choose to completely shutdown incoming damage. Having these powerful cool downs if off set by weaker passive mitigation than the other two tanks. Using cool downs properly is key to playing a Juggernaut effectively. Using the correct cool down in the right situation will mean the difference between wiping and easily withstanding the onslaught of attacks bosses throw at you.

Saber Ward


Enraged Defense

Endure Pain

Saber Reflect

Passive Mitigation
Juggernauts tanks have the lowest of the three tanks in terms of passive mitigation especially with shield and absorb. Defense is competitive with other tanks due to "Blade Barricade" and "Defensive Slashes".
Juggernauts naturally excel at tackling enemies that deal melee/ranged damage and less so with enemies that deal force/tech. Juggernauts are great for picking up adds as adds usually deal almost exclusively
melee and ranged damage. Defense is also an all or nothing stat it has a lower chance to proc than shield and absorb, but potentially mitigates much more damage. The higher your health pool the more chances
your defense rolls will have to activate. Using powerful cool downs like "Saber ward" and "Invincible" with a high health pool will increase the effectiveness of these considerably. Higher health also directly correlates
to the effectiveness of "Endure Pain".

Due to Juggernauts having overall lower passive mitigation using cool downs incorrectly is felt more keenly than other tanks. A Juggernaut tank is kind of the opposite of a Powertech tank you have to closely monitor your cool down usage to compete or surpass a Powertech tank. Maintaining the buffs from your rotation aside from your major cool downs is important as well to give a competent performance. When its possible allowing an Assassin or Powertech to take force/tech heavy bosses is advisable. Though you will really shine against melee/ranged heavy bosses it will vary encounter to encounter.

Juggernauts have "Mad Dash" which can function as a pseudo cool down if a lot of movement is not required. In most boss fights though you will use this to quickly move to a location. Juggernauts also have "Intercede" which can function as an extra taunt as it displaces the threat of a team member to a large degree. This ability can also be used as an alternative to "Force Charge" if no enemies are present to leap to. Without the leap and dash Juggernauts do struggle with more movement issues than the other tanks.

Utility Skillset

Path Carver
Deadly Reprisal
Unshackling Rage

Sonic Wall

Through Passion
Intimidating Presence

Optimal gearing will depend on the fight your doing. Juggernauts have an overarching theme in that they gear for defense. Defense and Endurance complement each other well allowing you more chances at defending attacks. Gearing for heavy shield and absorb is an uphill battle on a Juggernaut and should only be done when a specific fight demands it. When Juggs are dealing with very heavy force and tech attacks adding shield and absorb is recommended. Having a high health pool with liberal amounts of defense will allow you to handle melee/ranged encounters with ease. The idea with gearing is you want the greatest return point for point for every piece of gear.

Very straight forward simply take the armoring's with the highest endurance. Gear Advanced Resistive Armoring.

It might be tempting to take the mods with the highest mitigation but point for point B mods will net you an overall greater return. Juggernauts also benefit from the greater health pool. Gear Advanced Warding B Mods

The comm enhancements are not optimal for gearing. Token pieces and drops net you more mitigation focused pieces which you need. Gear Advanced Bulwark and Sturdiness Enhancements

Implants and Earpieces
Sacrificing some mitigation here in favor of more endurance will help reach the desired health pool on a Juggernaut. Gear MK4 appropriate Implants and Earpieces

These will mainly complement your build with either shield, absorb, or endurance. having a set of gear with endurance and a set with shield and absorb will allow you the versatility to optimally tank any fight.
Gear Endurance, Absorb, or Shield Augments based on whether its melee/ranged set or force/tech set
Daklar Punishment