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Priming Shot is dumb

fujeotwo's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 04:15 PM | #1
A crutch for bad mercs. Remove the instant Tracer Missile proc and buff Ironsights to 5% damage for tech abilities as well as weapon abilities.

Kaos_KidSWTOR's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 04:34 PM | #2
Where would the ~10k Damage go? You are litterally the worst troll I have ever seen... You are completely contradictory to the community.

I know i am "feeding the troll" by giving him a reaction, but on the inside, I really feel sorry for you that you have chosen to be this way and I wish that you would stop and actually think about what you are doing before you make a trolling post like this.

This is a terrible idea and is NOT a crutch for bad mercs. Every ranged class had horrible mobility problems due to the fact that they could not move for 90% of their rotation, this problem was excentuated with Arsenal Mercs due to the fact that they have 2 of their main skills that are Channeled/Casted (Tracer Missile and Blazing Bolts/Unload) With the advent of Thrill of the Hunt (Which i am surprised you are not complaining about here also) and Priming Shot, you now have much more mobility (also i'm surprised you are not complaining about Power Surge and Speed To Burn)

If you don't like things about the game and class, then just leave... you can stop wasting perfectly good bandwith and time by not playing a game you "hate" and playing something that you actually enjoy.

fujeotwo's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 05:02 PM | #3
I like this game, that's why I play it. I like my merc, that's why I play him. Thrill of the Hunt gave mercs exactly what they've needed since launch: a workable snare. I only ever use Power Surge with Concussion Missile.

Mercs don't need mobility, they're a heavy armor ranged class. They just need more mitigation.

Flintfire's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 05:18 PM | #4
obvious troll is obvious. He stated the exact reason the devs wont buff them, the "heavy armor."
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fujeotwo's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 05:36 PM | #5
Mercs don't need buffs.

Coloneli's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 08:06 PM | #6
The only stupid thing about it is that you get the proc on hit, not activation.

tavrinDosa's Avatar

05.13.2015 , 10:07 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by fujeotwo View Post
Mercs don't need buffs.
Yeh buff mages

leegrisham's Avatar

05.14.2015 , 08:34 AM | #8
I agree it's dumb but not for the same reason.

And the only problem is really only a problem in PVP, the proc should happen on use, not whether or not the damage hits.

fujeotwo's Avatar

05.14.2015 , 10:12 AM | #9
I hear IO has plenty of instant cast abilities. Just spec that instead.

venomlash's Avatar

05.14.2015 , 12:12 PM | #10
Priming Shot is a good addition to the playstyle. You get an additional 2 GCDs of free movement (instant Priming Shot followed by instant Tracer Missile) every 10 GCDs, giving you a better window to maneuver without having to burn Power Surge.
Shouldn't you just be complaining about the new Tracer Missile animation like you usually do?