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Head start should copy Theme Parks!

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Head start should copy Theme Parks!

Dummmy's Avatar

12.13.2011 , 04:32 PM | #1
They DO NOT bottleneck the flow of people because the roller coaster lines might get really long. When a new ride comes out they don't slow the amount of people that are getting on the ride.

Have you ever went to a theme park for a new ride and get turned down because the line will become really long? Well I guess you would if its "more popular then any other ride evar!" But why not just wait in line and deal with any of the coasters brake downs and short maintenance, do to a HUGE budget and GREAT planing. Why would they not support the UNTOLD amount of people that could show up? Bad planning?

"Be happy you will see the new ride soon enough! More people will ride tomorrow!".
Why did the theme park not just tell me they where going to slow the lines down for the new ride so much that I'm not getting my turn till the next day?

I think theme parks with this moto go bankrupt.

p.s Theme park opens at 7am closes at 4ish.
I'm mad