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Assassin or Marauder?

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Assassin or Marauder?

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04.22.2014 , 11:42 PM | #1
Hey all, I'm thinking about starting a new class but I'm torn. Recently I have been doing some missions with my friend, who has an Assassin. He is relatively new to SWTOR so I was helping him out. Watching him play his assassin looked really fun, and I got interested in making one. However, I already have a Sorcerer leveled to 50, and I am hesitant to make another Inquisitor when there are other class stories, such as the Sith Warrior, that I haven't seen. I have a Jedi Guardian, so if I made a SW, I would likely choose Marauder as the AC.

Given this, what would you recommend? Marauder and SW class story, or is the Assassin THAT good that its worth replaying the Inq storyline? (If it matters, I LOVED the storyline for the Inquisitor, it was great. I might feel weird going through it again when there are others I've not yet seen).
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04.23.2014 , 12:00 AM | #2
Assassin dps is horrible endgame-worst parsing damage in the game. Tank is hard to play but viable for endgame.

Go marauder unless you want to tank.
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04.23.2014 , 12:10 AM | #3
Well, that would obviously depend on what exactly you are set out to do. I assume since you plan to choose between Marauder and Assassin you are into DPSing. I tend to agree to the previous post that the Assassin lacks a bit in endgame DPS (though I am only playing as a Shadow), but I guess I manage to hold my own. Still if you aim for NiM-ops you might want to consider that.

The gameplay is amazingly different though: the Assassin is a sneaky one, plays rather slow, controlled. You are not "in the midst of it", you pick your fights carefully and burst them down.

The Marauder is just the opposite: charge and go forward. It plays much more aggressively, you are always on the move and the story is also quite alright, at least I liked it.

That's at least my impression/interpretation of the classes.

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04.23.2014 , 12:22 AM | #4
Go with the feeling, start the one you want more and start the other later if you have the ache still. As for the same class... you will prolly get "**** this again" feeling at some point, but for me it was mostly with the planet missions not class ones.

As mara you can carve path of destruction, but you also have to "carve path of destruction"... with assa you can choose the fights you want (more or less), Assa dps is fun trough the game and the parse talk ppl whine about comes in to play if you go hm or nim 55ops (and maybe not even then if ure uber good with ur class)

Also if you planning to go co-op with your pal, i would choose a different class and role...
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04.23.2014 , 08:20 AM | #5
Sith Warrior so far has a fun story (unless you have a weakness for resistance fighters and the like, I ran away from Balmorra myself as soon as I could). Melee DPS is a pain in the butt to play, but if it is the only character you are playing it's not so bad, and it is a very flashy style with a lot of cool animations, glows and sparks. The companion cast sucks, but that's probably better if you are a male player.

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04.23.2014 , 08:09 PM | #6
how about difficulty? i've heard assassin it's a hell more difficult to play. Dps or tank...
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04.24.2014 , 07:33 AM | #7
If he is playing in a group, it might be less of a concern in the PvE.

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04.24.2014 , 08:56 PM | #8
Assassin can be harder at first, especially alone when you lack heals until hoth, iirc. Whereas with marauder, you get heals on balmorra. I've seen both classes mow things down in groups for pve. I've also been a sin a tank, and love it.

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04.24.2014 , 11:14 PM | #9
If you want to experience the different stories but the Assassin looked fun, then why not roll a Shadow and a Marauder? Two different stories, and you get both classes.

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04.25.2014 , 09:38 AM | #10
in my case, all my characters are non-sensitives.
I'm willing to make a new jedi or sith for the first time. But i'm conflicted about making a juggernaut\guardian or shadow\assassin. I'm trying to decide based on what ppl say.

With the shadow\assasin, as far as i know, you must be a average to good player, and still you wouldn't input a big treat to other classes (assuming that those players have the same level as you). But i hope i'm wrong...
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