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New Class Discussion

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04.17.2014 , 01:48 PM | #1
Although we here over and over again that new class stories aren't happening, it's cool to think that maybe some day it will, so this thread is dedicated to Class Ideas and Advanced Class Ideas

The engineer is comparable to the Shaman from World of Warcraft, using Turrets and Medstations to Attack his enemies or Aid its allies with Buffs and Shields. The engineer on its own though, can defend himself using his shotgun and explosives to keep his enemies at bay. Although it uses a pet-like turrets, it still has access to its standard story companions.

I see it as being either a new class that can Advance into either using heavy armor and a turret probe that moves with the Engineer making the engineer more self sufficient[POINTMAN/MOBILE SPECIALIST], or use standard medium armor with far more durable although stationary turret that is far more self sufficient than the turret probe, meaning the engineer will rely on it more[ARTILLERY MASTER/TACTICIAN].

The class will serve a more defensive role if it decides on AM/TACT, and healing capability to go with it, making it a big team player for PvP and a valuable asset for PvE. On the other hand there is the PM/MS with a turret probe either dealing extra damage or supporting its teammates with small buffs and shield effects providing that sight edge necessary to push through the enemy team, or to tank through that last boss while providing cover to your DPS teammates as the adds start chipping them away

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04.27.2014 , 05:18 PM | #2
I would like a droid class.
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04.28.2014 , 02:41 AM | #3
Not a bad idea, you got my vote.
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04.28.2014 , 06:46 AM | #4
I think all the classes are fine, there really isn't much more you can do. Role wise and story wise.

What they should of done is made each of the Advanced Classes have more unique story options. I know one of the biggest complaints are simple things like:
"Playing a Jedi Consular is biased towards the Sage role and totally doesn't fit the lore of a actual Jedi Shadow during the Cold War"
It doesn't even have to be main story changing but adding specific "bonus class quests" would be awesome. Say your a Imperial Sniper, you get three unique 'assassination-based-kill-unique-mob' quests on each planet. Then the Operative would have three unique 'infiltration using stealth or something based quests'.

Also to add some freshness and variety to classes, they should add one more skill-tree that is based on a entirely new weapon for that class. Like I would love to have played a Heavy-Armor class that uses Saberstaves/Double-Bladed Light Sabres. They could just allow each class to use more weapons and armor but be based around different skill tree builds.
Come on, Heavy-Armor Jedi Shadows would be awesome! Not literally of course but you don't have to add a entirely new class to make more customization, equaling more unique characters which makes everyone happy because everyone feels like they are really playing a new unique experience.

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04.29.2014 , 02:13 PM | #5
I concur that new classes are unlikely. I also concur that giving each advanced class a 4th skill tree would be WICKED COOL. Not only would it bring new gameplay content, it would be a way to give some actual use to certain abilities that don't have any synergies at present.
Quote: Originally Posted by MichelleArcher View Post
Hey there, all! This thread has passed the dreaded 1,000 post limit, and is now in fire. Thanks for the fun, but we feel this discussion as run its course. We will not be restarting this thread.
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04.29.2014 , 05:17 PM | #6
Quote: Originally Posted by venomlash View Post
I concur that new classes are unlikely. I also concur that giving each advanced class a 4th skill tree would be WICKED COOL. Not only would it bring new gameplay content, it would be a way to give some actual use to certain abilities that don't have any synergies at present.
Thank you! I'm glad you agree!
It would be so much more simpler and I feel more possible then adding entirely new classes.
A fourth skill tree, adding more synergy like you said, more roles, weapons, or armor would be just a kick *** way to add more unique possibilities for players and more of a unique experience! I really hope some devs would see this.

I mean a marksman tree for Troopers and it lets them use Sniper Rifles?
Or the Bounty Hunter getting a Gunnery tree and allowing the use of Assault Cannons?
Right there you have basically a entirely new class just by adding a fourth skill tree!

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05.01.2014 , 11:52 PM | #7
I feel that the sage/sorcerer is the only true 100% force user. the warrior/knight focuses on light saber attacks, and the shadow/assassin uses double-bladed light saber tricks too often for having force-based force-using basic class. i would really like some kind of dreadmaster-style sith to strike fear and crush hope in the enemies of the empire. kind of like the inq. madness tree. my problem with the tree is that creeping terror merely immobilizes the target, while the target otherwise seems completely fine and able to act normally under an ability called creeping terror. i would like to see this class focus entirely of fear and demoralization pf the enemy.

one advanced class (devourer) should have a double-bladed light saber and should be vampiric like the parasitism in madness. the devourer's abilities could be channeled attacks that deal low to moderate damage, but 100% of the health lost is applied to the devourer over the course of the channeled and short-timed DoTs. the devourer can suck out a group's health by a channeled AoE that lasts a long time, targets that enter get drained out relatively fast. maybe it could be a fast instant AoE like death field. a crushing darkness-like DoT that is rapid and has few but powerful ticks. this ability heals the devourer, which is the theme of this AC.

another class should have two lightsabers, because only one looks weak, and sith are not weak. this class shall be the (terrorizer), and focus on pure long-time DoT and AoE damage, with extreme slows and nightmare-filled sleeps, taking the concept of fear abilities in a simple, brutal way. one small-area AoE casts a nightmare on a location, CC the targets and causing moderate damage over a short sleep until broken by another attack. one DoT can cause the target to shrivel up into a fetal position like creeping terror should. the target stays there shaking taking high damage over a long period of time.
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05.03.2014 , 08:23 PM | #8

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05.05.2014 , 08:59 AM | #9
I think Badperil has an excellent idea which has a very new and exciting dynamic to it. Basing the engineer on a turret/probe set of skill trees would also allow scaling of different abilities and skill lines with range/speed restrictions etc. This makes it a good class for countering other imbalanced PvP builds and tactics.

I was inspired by Wjrasmussen's idea of the droid class, because there you have the perfect synergy. I would suggest rather that instead of a second new class the droid should be added as a 4th optional skill tree, available at advanced class selection as a replacement to one of the usual 3. This can be repecced perhaps also, for the benefit of long time players. It can introduce and field test some of the engineer potential more simply.

The skill tree can include one basic assault probe and defense turret, similar but with fewer customisations to the engineer, so all players can use the new dynamic, if they use points and drop a tree they don't use. The next tier is implant cybernetics, which allows players to interact with engineer turrets and probes directly for synergy. Then cyborg which gives a player a choice of passive buff from the engineer turrets and probes. The top tier then is full conversion to a droid class which gives a second tier of functionality to the players turrets and probes, although not as powerful as the engineer's, and increses both the active and passive effects of interaction with engineer's devices.

Finally I would suggest that at character selection players should have the option of selecting a droid class. The available customisations to appearance being graphical replacements made to body parts if a player upgrades to this tree. The droid class simply has the full graphic. Leveling to ten then would require some storyline. At ten a droid can then choose to adopt trooper or smuggler or engineer for second/third tree. Thus only living jedi can become jedi droids, any player can fully convert to droid and it is possible to play as a full droid non-force user. The synergy of being a droid engineer means carrying around the benefits available to other engineers and droids when they are working together, while losing one specialisation from the tank/heal/dps trees of engineer class.

This all leaves room for development of alternate story options, side missions and class content as a focus as suggested by Chembox and Venomlash. The devs can flesh out the core content, leveling and introduce droid trees to work with the low level turret/probe dynamic and provide endgame content, then when it is working they just need to add in a droid intro and engineer storyline to ice the cake when they are ready. All the features will be familiar, and the engineer class will add new tiers and funcionality as well as number of units deployable etc.