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I've become obsessed with this game- I need advice

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I've become obsessed with this game- I need advice

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03.31.2014 , 12:47 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Kaedusz View Post
First method:
get really drunk and watch some movie or game cutscenes based on a completely different franchise( i suggest Mass Effect) that you might fancy.
being drunk should amplify the effect of the film and reboot your brain.
the next day you won't be in the mood to play any games because of the terrible hangover,and 1 day will pass without any craving for swtor.
the day after that try out the new franchise you liked,from which the movie you watched while drunk is based on

this should balance things out and you will spend less time on 1 single franchise and less time on the pc

Also liking more than 1 franchise burns you out because you don't allow yourself by default to get too much into a single one.This means you will find yourself bored sitting on the PC and wanting to do something else.

Second method:
get a girlfriend. Getting laid,without a serious girlfriend will just make you rationalize to yourself spending even more time on the game. A relationship is paramount.

Third method:
Get really drunk using different types of alcohol for the ultimate nausia and hangover, and then while drunk listen to your favorite swtor soundtracks and cutscenes in order to get nerdgasms.
After this experience you will associate the game on some level and especially the music, with the terrible nausia you felt while drunk and while in hangover.Which means it will be less likely to fall into the obsession circle again.
If the first time doesn't work.Get drunk again.It will work in the end.

Fourth method:
Start working out seriously.With a program and all.The endorphins your body produce will make you feel weird spending too much time on the PC.
* * *
the purpose of these methods is for you to get tired of swtor or any franchise by natural means-meaning you will suddenly not feel like playing,just like that,by yourself.
Forcing yourself not to play cold turkey ,while craving it deeply and thinking about the game whole day is a crappy method.
* * *
These methods are all equally valid and are tried and true.
This made me laugh...
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