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I want your opinions on most appropriate AC for each class!

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I want your opinions on most appropriate AC for each class!

Raynezazki's Avatar

03.21.2014 , 12:57 PM | #11
JK - Guardian
JC - Sage (you run around healing people...)
Smuggler - Scondrel. (You fight dirty XD)
SW - Marauder (whirling whirlwind of death :P)
SI - Either really works.
Agent - Either really works though I prefer sniper.
Bounty Hunter - Powertech.

Nakkyi's Avatar

03.30.2014 , 03:12 AM | #12
I made my decision based on the mindset I have while playing each character. When I play games like these, where my character can make decisions that actually "matter" for lack of a better term. Mind you, I've yet to play BH or Trooper, so I won't offer my input there.

JC: Eager to serve the Republic and follow the Jedi Code, his...... relations with a certain Sith after an encounter in Alderaan showed that being a little self-absorbed isn't a bad thing. For that reason, I chose Sage. Not only does it keep him invested in his Jedi studies, he later enjoys the praise he receives as a savior.

JK: Completely Dark Jedi here. She prefers violence to diplomacy. Rashness decisions over patience and strategy. She loves the thrill of battle and is always the first to charge in. For this reason, I naturally chose Sentinel. Rather self-explanatory.

Smuggler: This was a tough one as neither of the advanced classes really suit my characters personality. I chose 'Slinger more or less for the showboating aspect that fits the overall Smuggler theme.

SI: Absolutely sadistic and manipulative. She enjoys sneaking into any situation and wreaking havoc on friend and foe alike. Completely self-centered, I chose Assassin. She gets the satisfaction of worming into a battlefield unnoticed and once in, unleashing hell in a flurry of lightning and lightsaber massacres.

SW: Always seeking more power for himself, he realizes the strength in his allies is also important. If only slightly. After certain relations with a previously mentioned Jedi, he began to understand that protecting his allies can also bolster is own strength and ability. As such, Juggernaut was chosen.

IA: I've only started this one, so I've yet to make my decision. She is cold and calculating- fitting for a sniper. However, as a loyal member of the Empire and it's people, Operative allows her to assist those in need. I feel either one fits the classes theme and, the personality of my individual Agent.