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SWTOR Voice Double EXP Leveling Event

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SWTOR Voice Double EXP Leveling Event

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03.14.2014 , 08:25 AM | #1
SWTOR Voice with the help of our friends from the Bannerless Order Open Raiding Coalition (Shadowlands Server) is sponsoring a Double EXP Weekend Kuat Drives Leveling Event for all players and servers starting at 3 PM EST March 14, 2014.

During the event the SWTOR Voice Open Voice Chat Server will be used to facilitate groups and communication for groups to help grind the Kuat Drives Flashpoint. We are hoping this will help you level your alts and characters quickly while meeting new people from your server. The voice server has 500 slots and we will increase the number of slots if needed so that everyone can get in.

To join the event simply log into the Open Voice Chat server using the instructions listed below and join your server and faction channel. Once in your will find others looking for groups for Kuat Drives. It is recommended for more efficient leveling that once you form a group you and your group attempt to complete the flashpoint as many times as possible as the same group looking for replacements as needed.

We hope this event will help you find groups quicker while questing on planets and not having to sit on fleet looking for leveling groups or waiting on the group finder.

NOTE: The PUG channels will still be open for those who use them for your pick up Ops groups etc.

Instructions for Joining the SWTOR Open Voice Chat Server

1. Download Mumble (you can Google Mumble or download it by clicking here)
2. Install and set up Mumble client
3. Add new server using the following information:
Label: SWTOR Voice
Port: 64742
Username: <What you wish to be known as in the Mumble Server>
4. Click connect you will be asked to accept a certificate (this will remember who you are when you reconnect without having to enter your name etc.)
5. Move to the channel you wish to be in and start chatting.
Lead Admin:

Kahngro0 Guild Leader
<The Bannerless Order>