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Some ideas for some awesome looking gear for the Cartel Market?

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Some ideas for some awesome looking gear for the Cartel Market?

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03.12.2014 , 07:57 PM | #1
I realize this suggestion might cause a little bit of an issue (lore wise) But i would love to wear this so im gonna throw it out there any way =D Emperor Palpatines Black Robe!! it looked awesome! i realize lore wise he doesn't exist yet, but couldn't we maybe just come up with a robe that looks like it and just call it something else? =) like maybe emperors robes, or Sith Robe, or Dark Siders shroud if you called it that you could make a white on and call it the opposite =) 2 for one. but it would be nice if something close came out just a shoulder to foot long sleeved robe with a big cowled hood, the eradicator chest goes shoulder to foot, just close the front and give it long "wide" sleeves and were good. =) that set was awesome by the way it's what im currently wearing. i don't know if anyone will agree or not, like i said i realize lore wise it's a nightmare to go to the movies cause they haven't happened yet, but even so there were some pretty cool outfits there. but it would be cool to have real robes in game, the way the current 2 piece robes in game are where they meet the waist so tightly it makes it look like a dress, and not a robe, if a developer happens to read this sorry if i offended you it's not my intention =( i just mean to say make one down the road that flows freely like the eradicator set and doesn't hug the waist, just have it hide the belt and legs.
weather this idea gets used or not thanks for reading =)
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