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Make Buff's permanent !!

Rigg_Amortus's Avatar

03.12.2014 , 07:21 AM | #1
I'm tired buffing after i die they should make this permanent and only buff people who haven't earned them yet.

uncle_monty's Avatar

03.12.2014 , 09:30 AM | #2
If this is genuine then I feel sorry for you.
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JWagner's Avatar

03.15.2014 , 05:11 PM | #3
Ummm... So the ONLY penalty is location and/or repair bills?


DarthDymond's Avatar

03.16.2014 , 02:08 AM | #4
I could see having it set up so that buffs don't expire after death in a WZ, since deaths are so frequent and not every player may have the full set of buffs to reapply themselves.

But outside of that it's not worth making a change for such an extremely minor inconvenience.

Also, this is a better topic for the "Suggestion Box" forum.

It's a common mistake, but the "Star Wars" forum is intended to "discuss the larger STAR WARS galaxy, including the movies, books, comics, and other video games", it's not the general/catchall SWTOR discussion forum. You just won't get as much feedback here on gameplay questions/suggestions as you would in the "Suggestion Box" or at least the "General Discussion" forum.
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