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What I think would be great for expansion packs going forward.

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What I think would be great for expansion packs going forward.

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03.08.2014 , 04:54 PM | #1
1- Let the Imperials win.

I know that eventually, in canon, the Empire will lose; because in episode 1 the republic rules. But the fact that its quite obviously losing the war, with us being reminded of this so often, despite the actions of the Imperial players, can seem a little bit disheartening. It feels like you're staving off the inevitable in every mission past lvl50. So, IMO, they should be willing to have alternate campaign paths for the republic and imperial stories, just like in Knights of the Old Republic. Potentially, in the distant future even have an expansion which "ends" the Great War with the Empire triumphant and you doing the whole Malgus and sacking Coruscant like in the trailer. I don't like playing for the losing side and feeling like my actions are futile.

2- I want to be Emperor

Also, if they do bring the Emperor back and I am playing an Inquisitor or the Wrath then kill him I think I've earned right to be Emperor. You can have Marr take this role if the character is not a Sith. Hes already said he doesn't care who sits the throne and why not the most powerful Sith in the galaxy; you. Like being wrath or a member of the dark council this would make little actual difference to the campaign but would be the perfect way to know that your Sith character is at the apex. As for the reason. The Emperor seems to be an anti-christ parasite like Darth Nihlus from KoToR 2 and having read the book I know that he ultimately intends to consume the Empire. If he has to consume his empire to come back or this threat becomes known to the Imperial players it would easily set up this conflict. This would be really interesting story wise if you were playing the Warrior.

On a related note. A bounty hunter getting to be Mandalore would also be awesome. Mechanics wise this could be precisely the same as the Emperor. Either you put forward an Imperial candidate who supports the Empire as an NPC because the current Mandalore has become rebellious. If you're a bounty hunter, you simply dispense with this NPC and make it so that the Imperials choose you as their pro Imperial Mandalorian. Or the character has the option of letting the NPC become Mandalore or assuming the mantel for themselves as a dialogue option. The amount of stuff you have done for them I think you've proven your reliability.

3- Worlds

Geonosis- Great world from the films. Lots of monsters. Gladiator pits. Droid factories. Strange insect race.

Manaan - Underwater world. Was in KoToR. Strategic importance with the kolto. You could also have underwater "starfighter" battles.

Mandalore- Its the homeworld of the Mandalorians...enough said.

Arkania- World of scientists and genetic experts with great war changing technology. Maybe the republic wants to ferment revolt among the offshoot slave caste? Be a solid setting.

Yavin- Tomb of Freedom Nadd where his spirit resides. Also where the Massassi tribes live and was in the movies. A little close to Drommund Kaas perhaps. Also, there was a big thing about the ancient sith lords wanting to stop the Emperor. Perhaps they become a new threat and raise a Massasi army armed with ancient sith weaponry?