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What made you choose your Class?

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What made you choose your Class?

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02.04.2014 , 05:15 PM | #31
I started playing in open beta and because I wanted to play a Jedi in the live game I chose a smuggler for "beta" (so it wouldn't spoil the Jedi story for me). I ended up loving smuggler so much that there was no question about what my main would be when the game went live. I didn't mind at all replaying all the parts I had already seen before, to the contrary, I loved every minute of it.

I chose Republic because Empire to me was the celebration of ugly, inside and out, and I couldn't connect to that at all. I didn't choose trooper because I don't like heavy armor and following orders. (By now I have both Imperial characters and trooper characters, but none I enjoy playing as much as I do enjoy playing my smuggler.)
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Quote: Originally Posted by Feargal View Post
A totally logical and reasonable answer. Clearly you have no concept of what forums are for.


02.04.2014 , 05:45 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthMaulUK View Post
Since Darth Maul was so cool in the movie, I rolled a Sin. Of course my idea and Biowares idea of the class has seen a love/hate relationship with the amount of nerfs and 're-balancing' made since launch.

Recently, I rolled a Commando and enjoying it but like the post above, rolled a Mara and actually having bags of fun. Unless you have a good healer behind you, you can get burnt down pretty quick but it's actually a good class and no, I am not a LOLSmash!
I always found the marauder a better match to Maul over the sin. Maul also uses dual blades on several occasions. I have both marauder and sin as my main characters.

First rolled a sin for the the stealth, lightning, and double blade. Later I rolled a marauder for the force choke the assassin lacks.

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02.04.2014 , 05:50 PM | #33
Jedi Guardian because while I typically always make my main a DPS, I wanted to have a single lightsaber and not dual-wield, especially when there's no lightsaber shotos in game (as of yet). As time wore on I began to really dig the feel of the class and the character and it really suited my personality had I been raised a Jedi and in the end, a light side Jedi but with romance towards a girl like Kira (who is like any smart guy's dream girl really), it was too many wins to say no to, so I chose it because it feels like me and what I aspire to be.

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02.04.2014 , 10:11 PM | #34
Before the start of the game, I was thinking about rolling agent, because of all his spy thingies. But when the game was released, I installed it and got into character selection screen, I suddenly realised how much bounty hunter (light-side) suits me, not the one fond of credits, but the one with pride an honor. Was a hard decision of making it whether mercenary or powertech, but finally chose mercenary (that was a new year night) and rolled black talon with random friendly marauder. Actually, I knew nothing about the game that time, but I'm playing this toon for more than 2 years as main and still ain't bored.

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02.04.2014 , 11:16 PM | #35
I play Operative

4 year SWG vet

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02.05.2014 , 07:40 AM | #36
Quote: Originally Posted by DarthTHC View Post
Which class? I've played them all, and for most of them I've played both specs.
About what I was thinking too when I saw this topic.

I'm typically more of a single player kind of guy, and when games have multiple classes / multiple gameplay styles I like to run a character of each type if I can. This is the first MMO I've cared to get into and I am so very much not the type of person to pick only one and never give any others a chance.

Let's see, technically my first character and the most obvious candidate to be called my "main" was my Marauder. I don't think there was necessarily too much thought process in picking that or going with the obvious "strictly dark side" approach with him. I think the next one created might have been a Sentinel, which of course had to be obvious and go "strictly light side". At some point I realized that they were playing very similar and I learned about how the classes on each side mirror each other. To get the other type of Warrior/Knight gameplay represented, I deleted the Sentinel and recreated him as my Guardian.

Before too long after I had my Marauder and Guardian I also had an Assassin and Sage. It may not make much sense in-character but I had them take on the opposite alignments (light side Assassin and dark side Sage) to be more different from the others.

This was before free to play launched, and if I remember correctly the max number of characters (per server) was 8, so my remaining 4 slots had to be from the non force user classes. I have no idea which was made in what order but I ended up with light side Operative, dark side Powertech, dark side Gunslinger, and light side Commando. The alignments were chosen on a "I thought it made sense at the time" basis.

I think the limit was raised to 12 pretty soon after that, so then I expanded to include the other force users and I created 4 female characters (the rest had all been male) which were light side Juggernaut, dark side Sorceror, dark side Sentinel, and light side Shadow.

When it became possible to create up to 16 characters I created 4 more female characters to fill out the remaining spots: dark side Sniper, light side Mercenary, light side Scoundrel, and dark side Vanguard.

Currently, my Marauder, Operative (healer, enjoyed healing for groups in many flashpoints), Assassin (tank, but hasn't tried much group play yet), and Powertech (DPS) are all past 50 while my Guardian (kind of started as a tanky DPS (didn't know better yet, I guess) but then switched to be a proper tank) and Sage (healer, hasn't tried much group play yet though) are in the mid to high 30s, my Commando (healer, also hasn't tried much group play yet) is in the high 20s, my gunslinger is still in the low 20s and almost everything else is somewhere between 15 and 25. The Vanguard is in the high 20s though (and dedicated to only playing with a full group of friends).

I also have a Mercenary healer on a different server that I played all the way to 55 with a friend. (We played many flashpoints while leveling and I ended up enjoying that type of healer too.)

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02.05.2014 , 11:51 AM | #37
I picked my main class (TK Sage) because I generally like to play "mind over matter" classes in RPGs (mages, tech-geniuses and things like that), and I never second guessed my choice, even though it is not the most powerful or durable class (which I hope will change)
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02.05.2014 , 07:28 PM | #38
I knew as soon as I saw the progression smuggler video, even before the game launched, that I was going to be a gunslinger.

Just me and my wits and my two blasters against a world of crazy lightning throwers.

Awesome cape and cowboy hat? Check.
Rolling into cover on top of tables and balanced on railings? Check.
Kicking baddies in the nuts when they deserve it? Heck yeah, check.
Wise-cracking one-liners? Getting out of trouble by the skin of my teeth? Not afraid to talk back to Sith? Check, check and check.

I love my gunslinger.

I've played one of every class now to at least 50, and I love a lot of the other classes too actually. My other favorites are my operative (agent story is stellar and I love being the underdog), my marauder (oh my gosh, she even growls), and my shadow (nothing like twirling a double-bladed lightsaber.)

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02.05.2014 , 07:45 PM | #39
I didn't choose any one of them, I chose them all. I have literally every class, light/dark, male/female. And then I have two male gunslingers, because that's my "main", and I needed even more lockouts!
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02.05.2014 , 08:00 PM | #40
I wanted to unlock SIth Pureblood so I made a Sith Warrior. Went marauder because I asked in general chat and everyone said Juggs sucked (they did at the time). Hated every moment of it besides the story (sith warrior has a good story) but got my race unlock.

Then made a (sith pureblood) commando because Jennifer Hale. Loved it, the story was perfect for a mix of light and dark choices.

Made a sniper because I heard the story was good - was blown out of the water, loved every moment. Also felt super strong!! Wow big numbers yay!

THen made a scoundrel because ew Jedi, but I wanted a republic character. Was okay, not the best, not the worst. Hated every companion besides Bowdaar.

Now I'm playing a bounty hunter because I made a sorceror and hated it. Powertech is fun - set things on fire with punches woo!!!