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Odd SV incident

Gaoree's Avatar

12.08.2013 , 02:27 AM | #1
Was on Styrak in 16m SM S&V and got put into Nightmare Manifest on my Guardian. When I went into the Nightmare, both Nadia and Kira were in there. Nadia attacked me so I beat her and it took me out of the Nightmare, but was able to target both of them. Was leaping to Kira to fight her when it pulled me out.

Anyone else ever seen this bug happen?

magi_melcior's Avatar

12.08.2013 , 10:14 AM | #2
Has been happening since S&V first appeared, it occurs when the previous person in the Nightmare fails to kill their opponent before being teleported back out.

Used to happen a lot especially if the player in the nightmare wasn't a DPS and therefore couldn't kill their companion before timing out. They changed it so that the companion dies when you teleport back into the fight, unless you get crafty.

I'm going to guess that the previous player in the nightmare was a Shadow and had dropped Phase Walk outside before being sucked into the nightmare. If this is the case you can use Phase Walk to teleport out of the nightmare straight away, but because you didn't kill your companion or exited the nightmare normally at the time out (which also kill the companion) it leaves the undefeated companion there for the next player to deal with.

edit: it may also be caused by the Shadow stealthing out of combat in the nightmare, but I'm not sure have never tried doing that.
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12.08.2013 , 03:50 PM | #3
I think I had that happen a while ago, can't remember the when/how/who but ... Sent got picked, something went wrong, then a shadow got picked and got Kira/Nadia.

I haven't heard of it beyond that one time or during any further runs I've had. It could be a strange glitch that happens if the person before takes too long to actually 'get int the room' or if, like the poster above said, 'stealth out/phase walk'.

If you have screen shots, I would suggest reporting it.
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