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Crazy camera and unstoppable auto-run

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Crazy camera and unstoppable auto-run

demotivator's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 04:20 PM | #1

Since a few weeks I have been experiencing an issue and I wanted to know if it was known...

90% of times when I fall to my death and I spawn back to a medcenter my camera is going to rotate non-stop and/or my character is going to run non-stop too. I haven't found anything that really helps other than sticking my character in a corner till it stops by itself.

The issue is becoming really annoying because it also happens when I am being transported to a different area, for instance the past/future portals in Dread Palace or the last boss from TFB which leaves me almost useless for as long as the game wants to play with me.

Am I alone experiencing this? And is there anything to do in order to prevent/fix it? Thanks!
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OwenBrooks's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 04:33 PM | #2
Doesn't hurt to run a repair as a first step

If you have the letters ST on the lower left launcher after login, close the launcher, goto the game folders and delete the folder called BitRaider , also in the game folders is a file called DiskCacheArena also delete this file.

If no letters ST then the repair is on the launcher (lower left cog), still delete the DiskCacheArena file.

demotivator's Avatar

11.22.2013 , 11:04 PM | #3
Well no luck, deleting the cache file and repairing didn't help. My character movements have still a high chance to be altered when I fall and die or when I am transported to a different location: I am turning on myself and/or I keep running.

I am alone? Any advice please?
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docbenwayddo's Avatar

11.23.2013 , 06:28 AM | #4
It happens to me, specifically after a fall-death, too. I have found a single right click restores normal camera movement and a single press of the direction key it has me running in. If I'm autorunning forward, only a single hit of the W key will stop the movement. S key if it spawned me running backwards.

I have only encountered this after a falling death and cannot recall the last time I slipped off a cliff and didn't spawn taking off in some direction with right-click steering of the camera locked in.

GreyWolfSC's Avatar

11.23.2013 , 07:54 AM | #5
I've had this happen after a wipe res. I can get the spinning to stop but either have to do a UI reload (Ctrl-U twice) or relog to stop running to the northeast permanently. It seemed to happen a lot on The Arcanum.

demotivator's Avatar

11.23.2013 , 02:55 PM | #6
When that happens I usually spam directional keys and left + right click but it rarely helps.

I'll give a try to the UI reset - thanks - though it might be tricky in the middle of an op...
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suggy's Avatar

11.24.2013 , 01:48 PM | #7
This happened to me after a fall, going for the +10 endurance.on makeb

workaround: find a wall to run into & double tap or triple tap W usually does it for me.

psikofunkster's Avatar

11.24.2013 , 01:53 PM | #8
This auto run happend to me when exiting oricon ops, don't know if it is still there.