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Why not try to help PUGs?

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Why not try to help PUGs?

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11.15.2013 , 08:47 AM | #181
Quote: Originally Posted by PhilD View Post
Harsh criticism doesn't seem to be improving you as a person, so I'm skeptical that you have any idea whatsoever about , well, anything.
I never said it did. I said it improves you as a player, based on the analogies, logic, and testimony have provided in this thread.

Given that you haven't read through anything I've posted in regards to that, even the parts where I specifically state I'm not arguing about character content, I'm skeptical you have any idea whatsoever about, well, anything.

Funny how you like to claim I have a fragile ego, yet you are the only one getting easily offended and making personal attacks your only source of argument. If you don't have any counters to my points, then please go back to what you were doing earlier: being silent.

Otherwise, you're basically flaunting your butthurt ego with these "You don't know about anything, yet I can't actually disprove anything you're saying" posts. And that negatively impacts your reputation as a capable, and logical human being.