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What's your In Character's opinion of your companions?

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What's your In Character's opinion of your companions?

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11.13.2013 , 11:57 AM | #1
There's lots of posts asking who your Out Of Character favorite or least favorite companion is, but not a lot on your character's IC opinion. How your character thinks of others can give insight into their mind as much as the companion's. The Codex entries for the Agent's companions are a good example.

So, give me your IC write-up on your companions? Are they friends or enemies? Dependable or useless? Competent or idiotic?

An example is below for Yoshyan, Jedi Knight.

- Doc is a bleeding heart who, if given the choice, would stop to help every civilian with a stubbed toe rather than defeat the Empire. He is blind to the big picture, and it is clear to me he primarily desires glory and popularity. He is easily distracted, and his insistence on using an alias is suspicious. Kira believes, despite his bluster, that he does act out of compassion for the victims of this war rather than his own personal benefit, and she may be right. Despite his flaws, his reputation as a surgeon appears to be warranted. He is an asset provided I can keep him focused, but I question his long term dedication. He better not abandon the cause.

- Scourge is Sith filth, and it is only with great reluctance that I tolerate his presence, much less his existence. His information regarding the Sith Empire has, so far, been accurate. I suspect he is trying to lull me into a false sense of security for his inevitable betrayal. Irritatingly, he echoes the Council's sentiment that my means are militant and more in line with his way of thinking; he is in for a surprise if he thinks he can corrupt my loyalty or resolve. Nevertheless, Scourge is cunning and powerful. The danger he represents is immense. I have ordered Fideltin to keep an eye on all his activities, though I am concerned this will not be nearly enough. Fideltin and I agree: once Scourge has stopped being useful, he must be either killed or captured. The SIS can surely make use of him.

- Kira's rise to become my apprentice was via an abnormal path, but she has adapted quickly. Her Children of the Empire association has given me great cause for concern. Although she has been capable of containing them, I am watching her carefully to ensure she does not turn. If she does, she will need to be put down; as she is dedicated to stopping the Empire, I believe this is what she would want. Despite this affliction, she is a very powerful asset. Her willingness to defy the Council's wishes shows insight, though she occasionally lapses into their short sighted peacenik mindset. The only reason I have not lobbied for her promotion to Jedi Knight is that I suspect the Council will not give any of my requests serious consideration. That, and she is more useful with me than pursuing her own agenda. Kira's strength and ability means there is no other I want more at my side while in the thick of combat.

- Fideltin is a good man and a great soldier. His loyalty to the Republic is unmatched, his skill with an assault cannon precise, and his willingness to achieve victory at all costs makes him indispensible. The Republic Military has treated him poorly, but their loss is my gain. He has a keen tactical and strategic awareness, and his advice is always appreciated when I am operating alongside the army. Fideltin respects the chain of command and always follows orders to the letter. I wish his enthusiasm for defeating the Sith Empire would spread to the rest of my comrades, but thus far it has not. I do not believe the others like him. Despite Fideltin's dedication, he is only a man. As a result, when standing next to Jedi Masters and Sith Lords, his weapons are not always enough. Still, he is a superb ally.

- The astromech is loyal and has kept the ship running efficiently, but its eccentricities may soon necessitate a mindwipe.

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11.13.2013 , 12:02 PM | #2
Damn, your Jedi is worse than Master Kaedan.

Kira must be killed if she starts to turn? Asset?

Scourge is filth? Must be killed when his usefulness ends?

Your Jedi seems to harbor extreme darkness towards anything remotely dealing with the empire...basically a very darkside version of a Repulic-first Jedi.

Now I'm actually curious if there are examples of Jedi like this in the star wars EU.
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11.13.2013 , 02:35 PM | #3
Quote: Originally Posted by Excise View Post
- Scourge is Sith filth, and it is only with great reluctance that I tolerate his presence, much less his existence. Fideltin and I agree: once Scourge has stopped being useful, he must be either killed or captured.
Hmmm... Sounds like somebody's only a few bad hair days away from massacring the younglings...

If Scourge has got a sinister agenda, and it is to turn him/her to the Dark Side, then it appears to be working.

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11.13.2013 , 03:25 PM | #4
Solstar - Sith Assasin

Khem Val: Khem is my pet that eats my enemies. I find his eagerness to smash any Jedi (and uppity sith) we meet very useful. However, I am starting to lose my sense of humor w/ his constant insistance that he will devour me. Also listening to Zash speaking through Khem's mouth has given me countless hours of laughter & never fails to immediately lighten my mood regardless of how frustrated I may be feeling over the B.S. of the Dark Councel.

Andronikus Revel: My personal Chauffuer w/ duel blasters. A man after my own heart. Shoot 1st, forget the questions & collect the loot. When he isnt obsessing over his blaster he's settling the score with those that have crossed him. As long as he doesnt come to me looking for back pay he remains very useful.

Ashara Zavros: Ashara is my little honey. I find her constant whining about her teachings is almost insufferable. However, she is very cunning & I suspect with the right amount of subtle twisting she'll come to embrace the darkness fully rather than playing at being light. Also, she earns her keep in the bunk.

Talos Drellik: I'm conflicted w/ Talos, on one hand he is far too goody-goody for my tastes & ive decapated children for less. However, he is a great butler & killing him would be such a waste as I'd be stuck w/ 2V-R8 to wait on me. *shudders* I also find his sense of humor most enjoyable. Finally he is loyal to the Empire 100% so i know he is one I wont have to keep an eye on, unlike Khem who i think is still trying to determine if I would go better w/ Barbeque or original recipe.

Xalek: Xalek is a good aprentice and a fierce warrior. He will make a fine sith, so long as he doesnt think he stepping over me to get there.
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11.13.2013 , 03:37 PM | #5
Okay, my go. Adelita, Jedi Knight...

Kira is like, totally my BFF. When not fighting bad guys or doing makeovers on each other, we like to go clubbing on Nar Shaddaa. She always drinks way too much, though, and I often have to fish her unconscious carcass out of the garbage compactor. And I do wish those paparazzi shots of her flashing her knickers getting in and out of hover taxis wouldn't keep appearing on the Holonet scandal shows.

My ****-buddy! We just sorta click. Always there when you need some and no strings. Perfect. The relief in both of us was palpable when I told him we didn't need to get married and could just carry on as we had been doing. He wasn't crushed, it was what he wanted to hear. That's the spirit, baby!

Who? Oh yeah, that creepy guy who stands in the corner all day and never says anything. Dunno how he got on my ship but I wish he'd get off it. Thousand-yard-stare, very twitchy and jumpy, and sometimes I overhear him muttering orders to his dead squadmates. Classic signs. Spends every spare minute fondling his cannon and whispering sweet nothings to it. He ain't right in the head, that one. Have tried to get him to see Doc about it but there is no getting through to him.

My old oppo from Tython. Back then anything seemed possible and we thought we'd be an unstoppable team forever. But over the years I think something has gone wrong with his programming. He has become increasingly needy, and never seems to stop seeking my approval. No amount of praise ever seems to be enough, he is constantly badgering me to say how wonderful he is, and how we are still a great team. But we aren't. His woeful performance on Dromund Kaas was plain evidence of that. It nearly got us all killed. Some circuit has burned out inside of him, I think. If only I knew something about Cybertech then maybe I might be able to fix him. As it is his constant, pestering presence on the ship is merely an embarassing reminder of how much we've grown apart since those early days. I'm ashamed to say it but I find him extremely irritating these days. Then when I think back to how we used to be I feel incredibly guilty for being so ungrateful, because without him I would never have made it this far. I'm starting to think it would be better for both of us if we were to part company. I wonder how much I could get for him from those Jawas we met on Tatooine?

Ah, Scourgy-baby. <sigh> The one that got away. A total badboy dreamboat, who stole my heart. Had me moping about like a moonstruck teenager for months. Some kind of Sith power, maybe? Oh well. No sense in dwelling on it. He just isn't into girls. Believe me, I know. I've seen those magazines he keeps under his bunk.

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11.14.2013 , 04:23 AM | #6
As a Jedi Shadow:

Qyzen Fess:

My favorite lizard. He is loyal, honorable, never gives up and is all around the rock you can lean on, when you need it. Unfortunately he has no sense of expediency. You'll never forget the expression on a Trandoshan's face, when he doubts your sanity for letting an opponent go. Well, he is the big green hunter, and I can hardly expect him to change for my benefit. I just try to keep him out of diplomatic negotiations. I gave up on sparring with him too, because he doesn't feel comfortable fighting the Scorekeeper's Herald in sparring matches. I never should have allowed this idea to take roots.

Tharan Cedrax:

*Sigh* He is tall, good-looking, brilliant, charming and has a wonderful sense of humour. What's not to like? I could listen for hours when he recounts stories of his exploits with Master Syo Bakarn and he actually manages to make subspace physics sound interresting. And of course I can't get him. At least this time I share this fate with the girls. Tharan is the first calculophile I get to know. He is in love with his AI, and neither man nor woman may come between them. It may be for the best. Tharan is a rogue in nearly every aspect, except towards holiday.


The guy is efficient, I'll give you that. Nobody better if you need someone shot from two klicks. But I have met force ghosts of hundred years dead sith lords, who were more relaxed than him. I once force-threw a pillow at him and the look of utter incomprehension he gave me was a sight to behold. I get it, he is traumatized and needs time. I am sure with patience we will get a genuine smile from him some day.... In the next 40 or 50 standard years.

Felix Iresso:

Now that's a guy. Handsome too, not as brilliant as Tharan, but with an air of mystery, and certainly a lot more dependable. And he knows how to bend the rules when necessary. Oh and he ignores my attempts at friendly flirting so pointedly, that even a love-sick fourteen years old would get it. *Sigh* There is no emotion, there is peace. And if not that, there is appreciation of irony.

Nadia Grell:

My padawan. I like her, really. We could be bff, if not for the fact that she first started crushing on me, and when I carefully made it clear that I am not really that much into girls, she switched to hero worship and now I am apparently becoming a substitute father figure. I know, technically I am her master and supposed to be an authority figure, but I don't have to like it. I hope this mellows out until after her knighting and we can be friends on even footing then.


I honestly thought he would like the pink glitter coating. I probably won't get the best escape pod now in case of an emergency.

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11.14.2013 , 09:31 AM | #7
Tannier : Powertech Bounty Hunter

Mako: Good kid, a little naive, but has a good instinct for killing, and for when not to Kill too.

Gault: Dodgy, Wouldn't trust him as far as I can throw him, not much good in a fight.

Torian: Another good kid, very worldly this one, but lacks Mako's Killer Instinct, has potential.

Blitz: Crazy Jawa, have to keep half an eye out for him, to stop him dismantling something important like Life Support or the Hyper Drive, but easy to understand, only really cares about Tech.

Skadge: Bully Boy who will get blasted if he tries that rubbish on me again, only this muscle head would try to beat answers out of a droid, needs anger management even more than he needs to learn patience, and boy does he need to learn both.
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11.14.2013 , 10:02 AM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by PLynkes View Post
Hmmm... Sounds like somebody's only a few bad hair days away from massacring the younglings...

If Scourge has got a sinister agenda, and it is to turn him/her to the Dark Side, then it appears to be working.
Yoshyan is a huge hypocrite, yes, but he doesn't realize that :-)

I like the valley girl-esque Jedi!

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11.14.2013 , 11:08 AM | #9
Fun Thread

From the perspective of my main Alana, Jedi Sage

Qyzen Fess - Qyzen is a loyal, just friend. He is too quick to claim his opponents head rather than their hearts, but that is more the idiosyncrasies of his culture.

Tharan Cedrax - A ladies man who is in love with a hologram. It's cute really. While Tharan creates this affect of the opportunistic scientist his care for those he loves is apparent.

Zenith - War has damaged this man...possibly beyond help. He is so driven by his hatred. Were he an apprentice I would have sent him to the agricultural corps a long time ago. He is a fabulous warrior though and his ruthlessness will serve him well in his 'day' job on Balmorra.

Felix Iresso - Sweet man, kind, trustworthy. Were I not a jedi.

Nadia - I've very proud of the Jedi my padawan is becoming. She's still, like many padawans a bit to quick to solve problems with a lightsaber, but with time and training I foresee her becoming a great jedi.
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11.14.2013 , 11:25 AM | #10
Quote: Originally Posted by Excise View Post
I like the valley girl-esque Jedi!
She just took on a life of her own as I was trying to figure her thoughts out. I'm sure I never intended her to be that when I started.