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Spoiler Alert, Ki-Ta Kren question...

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Spoiler Alert, Ki-Ta Kren question...

MoistMuffin's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 12:23 AM | #1
Is ki-Ta Kren the same character as the monster that the Sith Warrior meets in the initiate on Korriban? I ask because while the same model, during the BH fight with him he uses force lighting/storm besides just being a creature/pirate. While my SW is my main, I don't remember the creatures nae. it was the one that you feed to make stronger if you're dark side.
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Bleeters's Avatar

11.12.2013 , 12:56 AM | #2
I don't really remember the Bounty Hunter story that well, but the one you're referring to on Korriban is called Seh-run.

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11.12.2013 , 02:38 AM | #3
There is only one model for Abyssins in the game. It's not the same character, just the same race.
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