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Alien race bonuses

VenduKane's Avatar

11.07.2013 , 03:02 PM | #1
Ok, here I go. It seems that it is only appropriate that each kind of humanoid (humans too) race should receive certain bonuses. The Mirialan is supposed to be very Force sensitive. So how is this expressed other than lore? I know this is probably the millionith idea, but take a look at this. It will make the game a bit more interesting.

Idea part 2. Skill trees. It is a bit weird when companions posses skills of other classes not representative of the respective class. Huh? This is probably for character assistance, but I find it some what an annoyance. Let the player pick a certain amount of skills that do not unbalance the class. This allows for more character customization and "feel" for the character. For instance, if I want to a have the ability to jump into combat, I should. Why? Because, for an example.

BUT PLEASE, DO NOT MAKE THIS YET ANOTHER CARTEL MARKET ITEM OF SORTS. I know business is business, but subscription costs are what they are. Cartel market discounts for subscribers? -Bob

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11.07.2013 , 05:09 PM | #2
It seems like a great idea at first but eventually the people who are not interested in the Mirialan race will start asking for ways to even out the bonuses if they play the force user classes; And then the way it is now will seem much better at that point.
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11.08.2013 , 09:40 AM | #3
They had his early on, but they took it out, why, because if a race has a bonus towards an aspect, and you play a class that specialises in something else, like a sith pureblood bounty hunter (sith bonus did nothing for the bounty hunter class), then you will be at a slight disadvantage to someone who alignes the class and race correctly like a Sist Pureblood Warrior, or a Chiss Agent.

Also Devs don't read this forum as a rule, try the suggestion forum which is itself in the General Discussion forum.
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