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Best resource gathering class?

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Best resource gathering class?

georgemattson's Avatar

10.04.2013 , 05:08 PM | #1
A couple basic questions, if anyone knows:

What class gets their fifth companion the fastest? Given the answer to the previous question, which one levels the fastest?

Possible spoiler:

What I'm essentially looking for, btw, is to create six mules to gather resources while the other six handle crafting. As a result, knowing the fastest way to get six character to whatever level is needed to be able to send out five companions on resource gathering missions simultaneously would be ideal.

Skodan's Avatar

10.05.2013 , 07:37 AM | #2
Based on the levels you can send out companions it doesnt really affect you too much on when you get your last companion.

3 comps - level 25
4 - 41
5 - 48
The Goa'uld Legacy Level 50 on Jedi Covenant (previously Canderous Ordo)
Imperial Entanglements
Less Imperial Entanglements
Check out LIE and IE: Galaxy Wide Casual Social Guilds