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New Players: You don't "Need" everything.

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New Players: You don't "Need" everything.

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12.23.2011 , 02:56 AM | #1
Stop "Need"ing stuff in groups that you can't even use.


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12.23.2011 , 03:26 AM | #2
To perhaps give this rather unhelpful statement some more meat on the bones: There is some expected etiquette in needing & greeding (I shall be using Imperial examples for simplicity here).

If the armour class matches yours e.g. you are an agent, which uses medium armour, and medium armour is being rolled on, you are welcome to need if it will give you better results. If it is not matching your best proficiency e.g. it's light armour in the above scenario, it is considered inappropriate to need on it, particularly if there are classes present e.g. sith inquisitor that can only use light armour.

The AC is only part of the story, however. Look at the stats & compare to your usage. Heavy armour that is strength & endurance is typically aimed at the sith juggernaut because those cover the primary stat & hitpoints of a tank. By comparison, something with aim or cunning is more likely to be aimed at bounty hunters. This is also typically reflected in the actual look of the item.

Rolling need for your companions is something to discuss with other players before doing so; some do not approve of this and prefer it to be settled via Greed rolls. Others, typically those you play with more often, won't care, because it's as much in their interest to have your companions capable as in yours.

Finally you can roll for disassembly - the item is automatically broken down for you. It really only makes sense to do this if you have at least one character with the matching crew skill, otherwise you will have a load of components and nothing to do with them.

Aside: It would be nice if TOR restricted these options for you as it's fairly easy to determine, but hey ho, in the mean time this will have you playing nicely with strangers.

Hope that helps.
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12.23.2011 , 05:01 AM | #3
Some more info for people:

People who 'Need' on items that they don't require are often called 'Ninjas' in other MMOs. These are people who steal valuable loot from players who actually do really require the item(s) in question.

They are detrimental to the enjoyable experience of MMOs and should be shunned (if I could, I'd ban them too ).

How can I avoid these people?

You can avoid them in the following ways:
a) Don't group with them again
b) add to your IGNORE list in the social tab
c) Warn others about them in general chat so they can be added to everyone else's list.

With luck they won't be able to find groups and then leave the server - or they will group with other 'Ninja' looters.

Hope this helps.

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12.23.2011 , 05:07 AM | #4
Ah even better suggestion. But wait hear me out it involves reading something in the codex! OH MY!

When you pick your Advanced Class go into your codex (If you click on the missions button at the top there is a tab for codex at the bottom of that screen)

Then click on game rules. Under that sub category should be an entry based on the class you chose when you created your character. Click this.

Now read this page then when you get to the advanced class part it tells you what you use, which stats you should go for etc.

Congratz You will now no longer annoy people who's loot you will be effective stealing.

Sorry to sound so condescending I've just proof skimmed and noticed its a bit much. Me = having a bad day at work. Damn quarterly invoicing.
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