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PvP Server Records 2.0

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08.25.2013 , 09:18 AM | #331
Quote: Originally Posted by shotokan_Ulic View Post
1. Name - Uliic
2. Guild - Sith Brotherhood
3. Class - Guardian
4. Map - Void Star
5. Stat -
6. Screenshot -

thank you for taking time to record this.

Quote: Originally Posted by Kormad View Post
Why aren't people realizing posting records on this thread doesn't do anything?
Quote: Originally Posted by Zaandor View Post
Y'all realize this isn't being updated anymore, right?
Seriously, this isn't being updated anymore, Baarf said he wasn't going to update anymore himself. So why are people posting stats? I think Teltae is right...

Quote: Originally Posted by Aikiyc View Post
Because this is Ebon Hawk post transfers?
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08.25.2013 , 10:33 PM | #332
I went back through the thread, starting on page 26 when Baarf announced the cessation of his updating this thread, and I announced an interest in starting a new one.

I count (roughly):
5 for
2 vehemently against
7 indifferent

Of those 14 people, I think 3, maaaybe 4 actually gave feedback instead of just saying something like "Hell no!" or "Meh," or "Hell yes." Plus 1 person who didn't give any for, against, or indifferent vibes but gave nice feedback on sniper/mara counting.

So... what? Of all the people on Ebon Hawk, of all the people who post to this thread... I get 4 people who actually give feedback, or comment on others' feedback, or engage in conversation of feedback?

Sorry, but I ain't doing no new PvP leaderboard thread until we get some community all up in here. And, on top of that, 2.4 is on the horizon. The old feedback is probably out of date now because fracking TEAM DEATHMATCH ARENAS LAWL is coming. Which I am not excited about. >.> But that's another story entirely.

Sorry for the attitude in this post. I'd love to do a new one, and am still up for doing a new one, but not having everyone on the same page to start a new one is just looking for disaster. The derps won't get it, the elitist wannabes will ***** about the restrictions, the PvEers will probably get all up in here and ***** just to ***** about us ************ at each other...

And the people against a new one will just say, "Told ya so!" :P
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09.08.2013 , 08:59 AM | #333
I've been posting my records at I'd say just use that one.. at least for now. It doesn't give you a one page listing for the server but overall it is done very well and can be narrowed down by server.

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10.04.2013 , 07:30 AM | #334
Now that 2.4 came out it would be nice to see a nwe thread of records, on the side notes i've been checking but at least from this server not many people post their records there, for example there re no highest solo kills, overall damage, biggest hit and so on.

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10.09.2013 , 03:39 PM | #335
out of date

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10.11.2013 , 02:08 AM | #336
Quote: Originally Posted by Aikiyc View Post
So... what? Of all the people on Ebon Hawk, of all the people who post to this thread... I get 4 people who actually give feedback, or comment on others' feedback, or engage in conversation of feedback?
An individual's stated opinion rarely corresponds to their actual thoughts, particularly on anonymous forums.

The creation of a fresh, 2.4 medium within which players can display their accomplishments will be met with enthusiasm, and you'll see no lack of interest or responses.

Whether you have the time and motivation to keep on top of a new thread is up to you, but you need not be concerned by potential negativity.

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01.03.2014 , 07:58 PM | #337
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01.03.2014 , 09:35 PM | #338
Quote: Originally Posted by LordTyronus View Post
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Damnit man...we've got a necromancer here! Bring out ye torches!
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